August 08, 2010


BB leaves early tomorrow morning for a week long business trip to CA.

I'm supposed to be getting his clothing packed.

I should be cooking something fabulous and nutritious for dinner.

But I'm sitting here, listening to Littlest One snort, squeak and squawk on the floor. Capt and DG are "watching" Cinderella.

I'm a bit nervous...OK...actually I'm freaked out about being truly alone with all 3 kids for a week.

I know I'm not alone per se as we've got neighbors and my folks who will be around to help out should I need it.

I'm freaked out that I'm going to lose it with all 3 kids and NO assistance break. I'm on all week, I can't check out for a bit of time...

I know I'll be fine. I do...I'm just sort of frustrated that I'm the packing for his trip...

It'll be ok - in the meantime, I'm going to turn on my iron, and then feed Littlest One some more dinner.

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Ang said...

Young Lady,
You can do this. While you will not be waiting or holding up dinner for his schedule, you may be waiting for a phone call. Phones can be attached to you.

While the children are down, you check out with your favorite blogs, tv tivo'd, books, or bubble bath..Enjoy a few moments on the deck while they are napping sipping some lemonade or ice tea. It won't be long before your weather starts changing and you won't be doing that.

Some chores can wait this week. Make sure you take a time out or two daily for you..Or just plug in that iPod and work your heart out good.

Get the kids and dance in the living room to good music...

Have a laugh contest..Have a hug party..

I believe in YOU..and love you girl. You keep me going.