August 10, 2010

Curiosity Got the Kork

Random questions in my head tonight, as I'm sitting here enjoying the quiet - the crickets are chirping outside, the entire main floor is sparkling clean, and on tap for tomorrow is only a minute portion of my list from yesterday's post...ah...productivity...thy name is wonderful!

OK - here are some questions floating about my head:
  • do you believe that men and women are truly equal, that women are just as able as men to do certain things? For instance - do you believe a woman could be a Sumo wrestler?
  • do you find yourself incensed at the critical things that folks say/think/write about those who happen to have different worldviews from them? For instance - do you get hacked off when you read someone telling the Fundamental Islamists that making women wear Burkas is wrong? or do you get hacked off that someone would make a member of the opposite sex do something like that?
  • if someone asked you to make a choice, and you could never undo that choice, would you stay at home being the primary care-giver and home maker, and home school your kids, or would enter the corporate workforce until you retired?
  • why is it that people focus so freaking much on things like Chelsea Clinton's wedding, instead of the fact that BP is still not done taking care of the oil spill?
  • what about politics? Do those automated calls during election time chap your hide, or do you sit and listen to the pre-recorded message of Former President Bill Clinton endorsing a candidate in your area?
  • If your significant other is away for longer than a normal work-shift, does your Mom or MIL offer to come over and help you out with "projects"?
  • do you like to travel at the holidays or stay home with your family and your own traditions?
that's all for now...I must really go to bed...I didn't sleep last night, can you tell????

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FarmWife said...

You really want to know? Here ya' go, darlin'. :)

#1- I believe Men & Women are of equal worth as both are made in the image of God. But I also believe men and women are created with beautiful differences. Those differences should be embraced. Yes, I could be an auto-machanic if I put my mind to it & Husband could open his own bakery...but we're better suited to our current rolls.

#2- I don't get "hacked off" at Fundamentalist Islamics "making" their women wear Burkas. I do get hacked off at Fundamentalist Islamics making women of other religions/cultures wear head coverings if they come into their countries. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

#3. I would stay home. Hands down.

#4. Brittney Spears.....enough said. OK, so maybe not enough...people want to be entertained, not informed. We're stupid as a culture.

#5. I hang up as soon as I hear "This is Representative So-and-so." I do, however, listen when James Earl Jones calls my house to tote the wonders of Verizon. You cannot hang up on Darth Vader/Mufasa. It's practially a sin...even if it is just a recorded message.

#6. My MIL never comes over to help and she lives 1/2 a mile away. She offers to help in that but-I'd-rather-you-didn't-ask kind of way. My mother would if she lived closer. Heck, my mother would if I called & said, "Mom, I need you."

#7. I like to travel for holidays but only because my family all lives else where. I'd really rather we could all be together without the travel involved.