July 29, 2010

I'll Take Potpourri for $2000, Alec

Some random thoughts for the day:

  • The sight of gleaming linoleum and hardwood lifts my spirits
  • The lack of any scent in a bathroom is divine
  • Clean sheets make me think of summer - regardless of the season
  • Any female that has entered into or passed through puberty should never be allowed to wear anything that does not hit her knees. Period. (this is a separate post altogether, stay tuned)
  • The suddenness of summer storms in Colorado is frightening at times. We just went from sunny and 90+ degrees to pelting, driving, pouring, sheets of rain, thunder and lightning.
  • I much prefer camping in the Summer Palace to the old style of "car camping" pre-children
  • I do not like baseball on television - I only sort of like it in person. Which sucks as my darling husband is a crazy fan of the sport
  • My children bring new meaning to the term "carbon copy"
  • Thanks to FarmWife, I'll now be singing "Lover...lover, lover...you don't treat me no good no more" (the current incarnation of which I adore, but still)
  • Motivation often waits until the least opportune time to make an appearance
  • I was made to be a wife and at-home mother
  • I am a sucker for TV Infomercials - in fact, when the storm brings back my satellite signal, I shall resume watching the one for the "Ready, Set, Grill!" thingy...
  • I have a mountain of work to be doing, and am instead sitting here on my expanding rear end blogging
  • Sometimes, taking a book suggestion from your mother is not such a bad thing
  • I'm not so sure I want to go camping this weekend if this is the weather we can expect...
And now, I'm logging off, and turning off my computers before I get zapped, even with my surge protector.

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