June 24, 2010

Dress Rehearsal is successful!

Wordgirl left such a nice complimentary comment. I must admit :

It's not easy balancing it all, and most days I fail miserably...but this week, I've been super motivated to get it all out and gone!

BB and I really committed to this whole debt-free concept, and if that means that I put in the sweat equity and keep crazy late hours, that's what I'll do...

I also know that I've been blessed with EASY children. They are mellow, easily soothed, mostly easy-going and self-sufficient as well as champion sleepers. All three have slept through the night unless sick since they were less than 1 month old...

I'm not Superwoman, Wonderwoman or even Mediocrewoman :D I just know that I have to give it my all every day, and somehow find the resources to pull from. That's where my faith comes in I guess. I know that I've been equipped to be that Mom that seems to have it all together. Mostly, its the old "fake it til you make it" thing. If I pretend hard enough to the outside world that my house looks like Better Homes & Garden, my kitchen was visited by Martha Stewart and Julia Child (or Giada DeLaurentis really), and my kids act like they've been dusted with some magic behavior dust...maybe, just maybe it'll happen in reality.

Well, the Garage Sale stuff is all ready. BB will hang signs and put up balloons, and we'll pray that the forecast of 97 doesn't actually happen...a nice 87 would do for me...

Hoping for a major turnout and selling ALL my stuff so we can finish up Baby Step #2!

PS - after the garage sale update, I'll get back to that Proverbs 31 discussion...maybe I'll repost the first couple to get back into the swing of things.

I'm off to bed before 10pm for the first time since I was in the hospital after Littlest One.

Some photos to make you chuckle will soon be posted...promise!

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