May 10, 2010

It's Got to Be the Mornin' After

SO yesterday wasn't a total bust, and I felt that since I asked for prayers I should provide an account of how it went.

Saturday evening, my brother and family came over for some play time and to say farewell as they headed off to parts East before leaving for another 4 years in Africa.

It was bittersweet...I was sort of upset that they'd said they'd come over around 4 to spend an hour with us before heading to the folks for supper (an even to which we weren't invited which sort of hurt my feelings a bit too, before realizing that my mom needed time with just them), and then didn't show until about quarter 'til 5...leaving us only 20 minutes to play, take pictures, and give lots of hugs and say good-bye.

I don't always get along well with my brother, but I do love him (as anyone with siblings will attest to). We butt heads a lot, but he's an alright guy (my readers who know him know how much I'm downplaying what a great man he really is)...and his family is wonderful too.

SO...Saturday, before they'd come over, we had brought our trailer out of storage and found out that our not winterizing it resulted in about $250 worth of parts to repair the damage. Thankfully, it was minor, and we actually replaced something that didn't need replacing, but will be a huge BB was working and contorting himself into a tizzy (as my Grandma used to say)...when the kids decided to turn the water on...since there were no faucets, only open pipes, it resulted in much water needing to be mopped and sopped up...which made for a not happy Daddy...

Sunday, however, dawned fair and bright. I know, because I watched the sunrise after feeding Littlest One (as she will called until I decide it no longer fits her), and didn't go back to bed. I got up, got myself all ready for Church, got the kids up, bathed, dressed, fed, and baked a Cinammon Struesel Cake for dessert, cleaned the kitchen, fed the cats, loaded the kids into the truck and got us all checked in for Sunday School class, and then joined my family in the pew, sang a few songs, we dedicated Littlest One, had some cake, went to lunch, came to our house, sat around and talked, watched the kids run around like crazy people (brings home the meaning of "whirling dervish"), and had cake and coffee. After the family left, BB asked what I wanted to have done, and I voted to have him work in the trailer to finish the plumbing repairs.

What I didn't expect was that it would take us literally, 4 hours, to complete them.

I didn't get breakfast in bed, I didn't even get a gift...not in the "traditional" sense of gifts anyway...what I got instead, was a good afternoon of fellowship with my family, and my gardens ready to be planted this week after the snow (yes, I said snow) we're getting tomorrow, and a trailer that has no plumbing issues.

BB just called and said he has NO meetings this afternoon, and so he's going to come home and we'll finish testing the systems (water heater, and propane heater), and get things all sorted out, organized, inventoried, and refilled for the summer in as much as we can.

We've got someone coming to look at some tools that BB is selling, and I'll do the laundry and ironing this evening after the kids go to bed.

Tomorrow will be the rest of the housecleaning (since it will be cold) and baking. Depending on the weather, Wednesday will bring more of the same, or else, planning which seeds will go where. Thursday will be spent playing and finishing up the housecleaning (or re-doing some of it), and Friday will be "keep the kids out of Daddy's hair" day.

I'm praying that Saturday will bring "Captain's bed is finished" and furniture moving between the kids' rooms - Capt gets a new "big bed" (twin-sized platform style with storage cubbies), and DG gets the "junior bed" (not quite a twin, but bigger than a crib/toddler mattress).

I'm so ready to go camping and be outside playing, and tonight it is supposed to snow, and storm...the foothills could see up to 24 MAY!

It's been awhile since we've had snow in May, so I'm not complaining - we need the moisture - I just wish it was rain and would get up into the 70s again, instead of hovering on the edge of the low summer clothes are calling out to me as I've lost more weight.

I can proudly say that I weigh less now than I did this time 12 months ago! WOO HOO!

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Ang said...

Yikes! Snow in May? Nuts!!
Hope you get some downtime to enjoy being plugged in to YOU..