May 20, 2010

Holy Moly!

OK - so yesterday, while feeding Littlest One her lunch, I tuned into BBC America's airing of "How Clean is Your House?"

Normally I enjoy watching this show, as it makes me feel better that my house "isn't anywhere near that bad", and justifies my time spent online searching the vastness of the great Interwebs...

HOWEVER...yesterday's episode nearly cost me my lunch, almost made me topple the baby off my lap, and inspired me to continue with my new-found motivation of wanting things clean and sorted for Captain's brief summer vacation from school...

After watching Kim & Aggie set off a bug bomb (the first time I've seen such a thing on this show), and come back to take swabs and hear Aggie tell the gent that he'd be better off using his existing toilet brush to do the washing up in his kitchen, I was having a really tough did get better...he amazingly was able to pitch in and clean up his home (with the help of an army of crew members), and keep it that way for at least 2 weeks.

After the kids were all napping, I watched a bit more tv while nursing Littlest One for her "post lunch snack" (she will not lay still enough for me to hold a book with one hand and monitor her with the other!), and once she was asleep, I got up, and finished cleaning my main floor.

As of right now I have completed the following items (all done Wednesday):
  • Living room, Dining room, BB's office, laundry room, family room - all furniture dusted/wiped down, including decorative items on shelves and walls
  • all interior glass surfaces cleaned
  • brass knobs, light fixture trim, and handles disinfected
  • stove and counters scoured and shined
  • sinks in powder room and kitchen disinfected and shined
  • toilet disinfected
  • all carpet and upholstery vacuumed
  • all hard floors swept, and disinfected with my steamer
  • 4 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away
  • all items needing mended/buttons replaced taken care of
On tap for today, after picking up Captain from his last day of Pre-School:
  • strip all beds, launder sheets, and remake beds
  • dust all furniture and decorative items in bedrooms
  • scour toilets, sinks, and tubs/shower in bathrooms
  • disinfect above along with bathroom floors
  • vacuum all carpet upstairs
  • iron BB's work shirts
  • launder and pack away maternity clothes (I haven't worn them for 6.5 weeks, think it's time!)
On tap for Friday:
  • color my hair
  • make bread
  • menu plan for next 2 weeks
  • plan Captain's 4th birthday party
I've been busy, but it feels good.

I want to know that we're heading off into camping season/summer vacation with the bulk of the heavy duty work done, so I can focus on spending fun time with Capt and DG, going to the parks, library and things at our local Children's portion of our museum.

I'm also bound and determined to get into a real routine again, long before school starts up and Captain is gone 3 mornings a week, which will, amazingly, shorten my time to do things...

Well, toodles for now...I'll be posting again later this afternoon sometime!

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