April 23, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

If I didn't know any better, I'd expect to see animals flocking to a large boat, in pairs, and a crazy neighbor herding them all in, while getting the door tightly sealed, and then watch them float as my house swiftly gets filled and then covered with water from the rain.

I am grateful that God promised a flood of those proportions will never happen again, but boy howdy! We've got flooding streets, we've got cancelled sporting events, we've got rain coming in waves and buckets and torrents...the sky is leaden, the wind whips every so often.

The only reason I welcome the rain is because without it falling down, we'd be in prime weather conditions for tornadoes, and I'm SO not wanting that right now...or ever for that matter...

In other news - BB and I are graduating from FPU this weekend...hard to believe that 13 weeks have passed, and that we're 50% of the way to being free of consumer debt with some large chunks of money expected to come our way later this summer to take the other 50% away completely! I am looking forward to only owing money to the bank on our house, and being able to sock away money for a "true" emergency of BB losing his employment, and after that is set up, being able to increase our investing for retirement, and saving money for the kids college educations. We'll be able to pay off the house in another 5 years, God willing, and after that we will be DEBT FREE!!!!!!! And trust me - I'll let you know when we're going to be on the air and you all can tune in to Dave Ramsey's show that day to hear BB and the kids and I holler about it, and tell our story...

Can I tell you what great joy it brings me and how much peace I already have just from knowing that we're doing the right thing?


Well, #3 is awake and ready for lunch, BB just got back from getting the emissions run on the truck and it's lunchtime...it never rains, but it pours right?

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