February 22, 2010


Well, apparently I have much too much time on my hands these days.

This morning, I already did the "basics" of tidying up after breakfast, getting the trash and recycling out, vacuuming the family room carpet.

I'm about ready to head downstairs to finish putting away the stuff that we have that needs to go to its home.

After that, I'm tackling the office - pulling all the randoms stacks of papers and magazines and stuff, sorting, purging, filing, recycling, and putting things away, followed by the polishing and oiling of BB's massive desk and barrister bookcases, and then the vacuuming.

Next on the list is "make bread and cookies". Followed by cleaning the master bed and bathroom, and then, finally, packing "the bag".

You'd think that with this being the third time around, I'd have my bag packed long before 3 weeks out, knowing that things can move quickly, and in most cases, sooner than the previous times around. However, I'm sort of holding off on packing the bag, as if by waiting I can hold off the inevitable event from occurring. It sounds odd I know...but, I really do want to have all things in order BEFORE this baby is born, so that afterwards, we can just sort of hang out and gel as a family. I just don't want to be going through all the adjustments of new baby, coupled with adjustments with big brother and big sister, and have to be thinking about the clutter, the paperwork, the simple tasks that I chose to let slip over the last months so I could rest or spend time reading stories.

I know that it's a tough balancing act, being a parent. Choosing between engaging and interacting with the kids by playing and reading and building and play-doh, or doing things like filing paid bills and balancing the checkbook...both are important, and I have a tough time sometimes remembering that I do indeed have to do some things that put the kids second for a short time.

I guess I'd rather know that putting them second for a short while won't end up being detrimental in the long run...clearly, with no regrets sort of knowing.

But then, they look up at me with their big blue eyes sparkling and say "Mommy - let's read a story!" or "Let's paint pictures for Daddy!"...and really, how do you say no all the time to such snuggly lovey happy kids????

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