February 06, 2010

Super Saturday

Ahhhh...the mostly silent house...how I do adore it at times.

Some days, I'm thrilled to hear the shrieks (both good and bad) of the children, the obnoxious volume on the tv that BB insists it must be so he can hear it, along with the ringing of the phone...but some days...I adore the silence...the times in which I can actually hear myself breathing, almost hear the beat of my heart...I can hear the clock ticking on the mantle...the simple sounds of the duct work expanding and contracting as the furnace runs...

BB just left about 10 minutes ago with Capt for their "adventure" (we don't have dates in our house apparently) of a hair cut, and a trip to the hardware store. BB is about 1/3 of the way through building a platform bed for Capt, and apparently needs some things to complete the remaining 2/3. He awoke this morning with grand plans running through his brain for several projects. I told him flat out that he MUST finish Captain's bed FIRST before doing anything else. Period. Do not pass "GO", do not collect $200...you know the drill.

I am still awaiting my music cabinet (which was started 6 years ago, kid you not), and there is a laundry list of projects that are in various stages of completion.

I am not much better, as I tend to get a bit sidetracked from time to time, not always by children needing me, just by life in general...you know, you're in the linen closet sorting through First Aid supplies when the phone rings, then the kids want lunch or drinks, or need help going potty...and you realize 3 hours later that there are boxes of gauze pads and Band-Aids strewn throughout your already cramped closet...

HOWEVER! I am logging off, retrieving DG from her bed, and feeding her breakfast (it being 10am and all), and then we're in for an exciting day in which the following will be accomplished by me, come Hell or high water:
  • sort through all tubs, boxes, and bags of children's and baby clothes
  • organize said clothing into gender and size-specific tubs/boxes
  • wash, dry, fold and find somewhere to put the infant sizes that #3 will need through size 9 months, organized by gender and size (yes, I'm anal that way)
  • bake sugar cookies to decorate with the fun Valentine's decor that BB found in the dollar bin at Target
  • bake whole wheat bread
  • defrost a roast for tomorrow's dinner
  • ask the neighbor if we can bring any refreshments to the Super Bowl Viewing and make anything I can to assist
  • scrub my bathrooms (they are pretty nasty what with my taking 10 days of "sick time")
  • iron BB's work shirts
  • vacuum the carpets upstairs
  • hang DG's shelf and other decorative items in her room
  • scour the ads for twin-sized sheets that are on sale, or else go to Tuesday Morning, Ross, and TJ Max to find some that don't cost an arm and a leg (seriously, when did sheets get to be so ridiculously overpriced? It just cost me $90 to buy a CLEARANCE set of sheets for my King bed! And those were clearanced down to 70% off!!!!!)
At the point this list is completed, it will be time for me to prepare leftovers for supper, and then chill awhile on the couch with some DVR'd episodes of some show or another...

Tomorrow brings Church, Dave Ramsey FPU, home for "dinner" of roast, potatoes, carrots, and some biscuits, followed shortly by naps, then the Super Bowl.

Monday will start us all over again with a new list of special projects. I realized that there are only 6 weeks til the scheduled C-section and I have a LOT of things I want to get finished before the baby arrives...so I'll be a busy little beaver, and not online much...

Prayers for good health, a great attitude, and a boat-load of energy for me in the coming weeks so I can get the things done that I feel are necessary...

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