February 03, 2010

Is It Already Wednesday???

What happened to the weekend and the week?????


Well...let's see. We spent the weekend catching up on things that didn't get done while the kids and BB were sick. Of course, once I actually had time to do things like laundry and house work, I came down with the "ick".

My nose is stuffy and runny by turns, but never when you'd think it would be convenient to be that way...so I'm drippy and runny when I'm in public, and stuffy at night when I just want to rest...although, the opposite wouldn't be too much better in reality. I'm fighting a nasty cough, and can only take Tylenol, and either Robitussin or Dimetapp...neither of the cold/cough medications really seem to help that much, but I'll take what I can get. I'm not one to just jump to medications, so I'm actually at the point where most folks would have likely gone and gotten a prescription from their doctor, and taken several days off work. Alas, as you other parents know...there really isn't such a thing as a day off from being the parent. Especially if you're the at-home parent, or the parent responsible for the bulk of the housework and "caregiving" to the rest of the family. Somehow, when BB was sick, he just sort of sat around and expected his drink to be refilled, his medication to be dosed, and his food to be made and served...oh, and the kids to be still cared for along with the other things I do. Not a big deal usually, but when I don't feel well, no one stops everything to do that for me...

Alright...enough whining...

We are in Week 2 of our FPU class, and I love it so much! I know most of the things that are being taught are sort of "duh...I already know that" concepts, but to really hear the WHY of it, and hear all sorts of statistics is eye-opening. Maybe we are just truly ready to change and live like no one else so we can live like no one else...

I am proud to say that we have accomplished Baby Step #1 and are now working on Baby Step #2. We have a short-term small emergency fund and are now working toward NO CONSUMER DEBT.

Can you imagine? No credit card bills coming each month? No more wondering "did I remember to pay that bill?" Of course, we know this will take some time, but I truly think we can kick it out in less than 15 months. Trust me...I won't be going much of anywhere again until May, just because by the time I'm allowed to drive it'll be the end of April...so BB will be doing the running of Captain to school, I'm having him do the groceries for the first 2 weeks at the very least. I figure I'll need to get out of the house, but I'm so not going anywhere long distance...after DG was born...I think she was about 3 weeks old, I let BB talk me into the necessity of a trip to Costco...boy was that silly! We're having meals provided by some folks from Church, so that'll help a bit with our grocery bill, and even with BB home for a time, I know we'll be doing great with those meals, and leftovers...so knowing that the only place we'll HAVE to go is to school and doctor appointments...I'm thinking we won't be adding to any credit card bills.

I'm so excited to see some progress so quickly, and to know where we truly stand. While our consumer debt is nastily high, it is nowhere near as high as we thought it was...

SO...our goal, is to stick to this plan, truly work toward getting rid of our credit debt, so we can build a real emergency fund in case BB ever loses his job, or some other large-scale financial hit comes our way.

I recently popped over to see Sara at Ordinary Days (sorry! My link doesn't seem to want to work tonight...) and was so excited to see her Top Ten List from Tuesday, the 2nd, in which she talks about the 10 things she is doing to be truly happy...and how they are simple things that one would think would bring about quite the opposite.

I'm admiring the way that she and her family are living within their means, but still able to make healthy choices in the their food - buying organic and natural where they can. I also love to read that she and her boys (hubby and 3 of 4 kids) are getting OUT...they play outside and do things outside all the time, so there's no need to be plugged into the television all the time.

I know that each of us must find our own "happy", but it is always cool to read about the finding and the living in that place...

And so, I'm logging off, because I have some reading to do, some reading I want to do, and the kids are in bed, and BB is at a work function, and I can turn on something on the television, but I honestly don't want to tonight.

I might even start a new knitting project, or get a page done in my wedding scrapbook (after almost 8 years of marriage, wouldn't that be a wonder???)

And so I bid you good night, and no promises of "more to come tomorrow"...I don't know when I'll sit down at the computer again...maybe it'll be next week...who knows?!?!?

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Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

Thanks Kork! You're such a sweetie. :)

Good luck with baby step #2. Actually I don't think you'll need luck. YEs, it isn't the most exciting thing in the world but if you see it as a challenge it can actually be kinda fun. Can't wait to hear more on your progress.