February 24, 2010

Alright...I Give...I'm Totally Nesting These Days

So we are technically still 4 weeks from a "true" 40-week pregnancy. However...as I've had 2 prior C-Sections (one emergency, one scheduled), this new baby will arrive via C-Section as well.

We are scheduled for a mere 3 weeks from noon local time today. Yup. That's right. In just 21 days, I'll either be holding my new baby OR ready to tear someone's head off because I haven't had anything to eat for way too long as I prepare to head to the hospital. The one good thing? I KNOW that this baby will born no later than St. Patrick's Day. It's kind of a nice feeling to know that there is a known definite end to this pregnancy...rather than just an estimated date that could either way. Oh, I know that we could still end up going earlier than 39 weeks...but it's nice to know that it won't be later than that date.

In the meantime, I will finally and fully admit it out loud, right here in type. I am seriously nesting.

I knew that I had lots of things I wanted to do, and many things that needed doing...however, I was sort of paralyzed by the silly thought that I had lots of time to prepare...in reality, the days were rapidly ticking by, and I was sitting around doing a whole lot of nothing.

I also realize that doing nothing is not a bad thing when you're in your 3rd trimester, and that I do need a bit more rest than normal. However, there needs to be a balance between the "nothing" and the "everything" that I had in mind...

Thanks to my awesome Mom, she not only helped me get over the feeling of being overwhelmed and took charge, she freed me from the mindset of having all this time in the world. She was the one who kept saying "we only have..." and reminding me that really, it was not a lot of time. Since she was here last week, I've kept everything tidy and picked up, which makes it that much easier to sweep my floors and vacuum the carpet each day. And yes, I said each day. In reality I sweep the kitchen floor after each meal, and use my hand-held vacuum to clean up the crumbs and cat hair. I also only vacuum my family room carpet daily. The other main floor rooms get it at least twice a week (simply because the cats do not respect boundaries), and the upstairs gets it weekly. I've had meals planned out and food prepped during most nap times, so I can focus on the kids as much as possible when they're awake.

Today I'm finishing the laundry and will do some baking...in fact, my bread maker is chugging away making a loaf of English Muffin bread for me to enjoy, and I've got sourdough rising on the back of the stove.

Also on the list today is to make a batch of brownies to share with a local Children's Home. I might even be tempted to make some cookies from scratch...or, I might wait another day and do that Friday...

I'm done with all "hard" stuff, the things that require lots of attention and activity, like sorting and purging paperwork, or baby clothes, or the detailed cleaning of baseboards and windows. I can now focus on the "lesser" things that I can do on autopilot, like folding clothes, and making cookies (because, really, if you don't have one recipe memorized, you're fooling yourself! Mine just happens to be the Nestle cookie recipe...sigh), and tidying up.

I've got a few things that need put away off my counters that BB has just left lying around, much to my chagrin. I am, however, not nagging him about this, because I simply will not turn into that person...and so, there are a couple of things to be taken upstairs and put away. There are a few things to go to the recycle bin, and a few things that, quite frankly, I don't know what BB's intent is...and there are some tools he needs to put away in his shop...and some magazines on my kitchen island (my personal pet peeve) that he needs to move tonight.

Overall, I am sailing through calm waters as far as the general condition of the house goes. I'll bake a few more batches of sourdough and some other treat-type breads and cookies, just so we have them for visitors and breakfast, and we only have to make our regularly scheduled trips to the grocery while I'm not cleared to drive. BB's least favorite thing is grocery shopping, and especially if make him take the kids!

Well...that being said, it's time for me to swap laundry loads, and in a few hours it'll be warm enough to open up doors and windows and let some fresh air into the house...

Ahhh...I love this feeling...my biggest prayer outside safe delivery of healthy baby? That I'll keep the momentum going!

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