January 14, 2010

Unplugged - Day 2

Well, I accomplished all on my list for yesterday, as well as:
  • disinfecting all hard surfaces in my house (I love my steam thingy!!!!)
  • making a triple batch of chili for DG's birthday party on Saturday
  • cut up and stored 3 stalks of celery, 2 cucumbers, and washed a pint of cherry tomatoes
  • cleaned out a giant Rubbermaid tub of miscellaneous assorted junk that had somehow ended up in my master closet (don't ask...it's a disease I tell you!)
I still have things on my list, but I'm telling you, unleashing myself from the television and computer has been the best thing about 2010 so far!

I even started detailing my house...you know...crawling around on hands and knees to scrub baseboard molding, picking up/brushing/wiping out all the clumps of gunk that accumulate around the edges of your carpet, no matter how good your vacuum cleaner is, scrubbing splotches of unknown goo off of the lower portions of my walls (don't ask, we have a Bullmastiff and 2 kids under 4 feet tall). I've even climbed carefully onto my stepladder to clean light fixtures and ceiling fans in the rooms where the ceiling is less than 10 feet high! All the webs in the lower level have been eradicated. There are currently no finger or nose prints on any surfaces in the main level.

I know it sounds really silly, but I never realized how much time I was spending sitting around on my rump watching TV, blogging, reading blogs, or glued to FB to wait for that one amazing Status Update that would rock my world...I've actually lost about 3 pounds (yes, I'm still eating), and have increased my water intake to about a gallon a day. They say you should aim for half of your body weight in ounces...and I was already there...so with the cold dry air during winter around here, that means I'm drinking more anyway.

The kids and I built some amazing Lego and block creations, created Play-Do animals and a zoo, read 2 whole chapters of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

I have started a daily devotional book that I've had sitting on my bedside table for the last 3 years.

I went outside, and scooped up the mushy, slushy melting snow away from our foundation, to avoid cracks and leaks and moldy mucky spring icky stuff to clean up.

I transferred a warranty, registered us for Cord Blood collection and storage for the new baby, and am getting ready to sort through about 3 dozen boxes and tubs of baby and toddler clothing.

All the toys are sorted, organized, and the shelves just need painted, but that will have to wait until this summer, when I can be up and down stairs and not having to feed someone every time I blink. I'm going to paint the ugly brown bookcases downstairs a nice, shiny white enamel semi-gloss...easy to clean, durable, and bright for our basement.

On Friday's agenda:
  • keep things tidy
  • pick up DG's cake
  • wash any dirty laundry
  • sweep floors and vacuum carpet
Saturday morning:
  • sweep and mop floors after breakfast
  • vacuum
  • put up balloons/streamers/banner
  • make cornbread for the masses
  • enjoy time with my family and the last day that I have someone under the age of 2 for the next few months.
SO...if you're joining me, please take a moment to tell me all about it, let me know how you're doing things, how they are going, what challenges you're facing, and what you've accomplished!

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