January 13, 2010

So Far So Good

Well...my first official 24 hours of Unplugged-ness has been pretty dang sweet!

I'll quickly try to post what I've done so far without TV, Internet and the like.

Since my grand idea yesterday afternoon, I've:
  • washed, dried, folded, ironed and put away 7 loads of laundry
  • changed all the beds in the house
  • dusted every stick of furniture
  • vacuumed everything upholstered and every scrap of carpet
  • washed the inside of every window
  • scrubbed all 3 bathrooms from top to bottom
  • finished making the sourdough bread
  • made homemade from scratch cookies and a chocolate cake just because I can
  • cleaned out, purged, sorted and reorganized my linen closets (yes, I said closets)
  • groomed the dog
  • gave Captain his first at-home haircut
  • picked up and put away or into trash/recycling everything that was not in its home (with the exception of BB's magazine rack, basket and tables - story for another day)
I have yet on my list for this week:
  • disinfect/steam all hard surfaces in my house (tiles, walls, floors)
  • empty nursery closet and sort and repack all too-small clothes (including to label the tubs)
  • empty DestructoGirl's closet and finish decorating her room
  • organize the games, DVDs, and books in the "not yet finished but new" basement library space
To do before Baby #3 arrives in 10 weeks:
  • move light furniture and MK office things around in basement to prep space for finishing
  • shampoo nursery carpet
  • pull out all NB through 6 months clothes, wash, dry, sort and put away
  • buy some packages of diapers
  • sterilize the breast pump
  • pack my hospital bag (yes, I do this about 8 weeks ahead of time. I'm OCD-ish after all!)
  • arrange for meals from Church groups to start up on whatever date I choose (thinking about 3 nights after baby's scheduled C-Section, so folks can assist in some way other than just sitting for kiddos while BB works)
  • email Christmas pictures and new artwork to family
  • plan out garden boxes and tell BB what we'll need and when he'll need to start on the work, so we can get our garden planted in MAY, not late June this year, and actually enjoy the harvest of all things grown in it!!!!
Well, my timer just went off, so I must log off!

Wish me continued luck with staying Unplugged!

On tap for this afternoon between lunch and naps is "learning time" with the kids!!! Yeah for drawing shapes and writing letters!

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