January 20, 2010

Momma Said There'd be Days Like This

Today was a rough day.

DestructoGirl somehow ended up with a nasty cold/sinus issue that is causing freely moving slimy mucous to run from her nose down her face, only to be swiped in unladylike fashion across her cheeks, into her hair, onto her shirt...at times, her eyes get all goopy from overactive production of mucous. She does not seem to be in any pain or discomfort until you wish to wipe her nose, at which point she goes into hyper-anti-anything-you-want-to-do mode, thrashing her head back and forth, screaming, pulling the wiper away, pushing away, running into the other room.

Captain Chaos is just starting to get congested and goopy. Not pleasant, as he is particularly whiny when ill (is that an inborn thing in the male of the human race???).

Last night, BB came home from work sporting a headache, an upset stomach and was incredibly short tempered. I understand. I was not feeling well myself. I am frustrated with many things which I am not ready to share here. I am tired. I am growing by inches and pounds each day...or so it feels. My unborn child has these spastic episodes, which the doctor reassures me can be quite normal, that happen at the most inopportune times.

BB headed for bed at 9pm last night. I followed shortly, around 9:30. I slept like a rock until 1am, and could not get comfortable again. It was one of those toss, turn, toss, feel like I'm going to be sick, have to go to the bathroom, mind-whirling nights. Just as I drifted back to sleep, Captain came banging on our door. I bolted out of bed, wide awake, to find him with his finger covered in snot because "there was something stuck" in his nose...I helped him blow his nose, soothed him, and tucked him back in again. I tried sleeping, and drifted off sometime between 3 and 4, only to be awakened by what I thought was one of the kids crying at 5. Turns out, the neighbor's dogs had been let out, but not back in and were protesting. Had I been able to tell which neighbor it was, I'd have called the cops...noise ordinance clearly states 10pm to 6am Sunday through Friday...but I digress.

I went to the bathroom yet again, crawled back in bed, and slept until 7:45 when Captain again came pounding on our door, ready for the day to begin.

I woke BB gently, asking if he was going to work, or staying home. When he opted for going, I got busy getting kids dressed, teeth brushed and the like. The phone rang and it was MissionaryMan asking if I would take a family photo this morning, and could they come over to do it? I stupidly said sure, and they arrived just moments after I finished getting myself into normal clothes and drying my hair a bit.

They were here for 3 1/2 hours, and we took close to two dozen pictures. Then, they asked if they could log in from my computer and use my email to send said pictures. No worries. After that, they sat and used my laptop to watch their promotional/debriefing support video and talked on the phone for over an hour about updates, changes, and possibilities.

Honestly I was a bit miffed. I mean, they were just in the offices last week on a trip...Could they not have done these things at that time?!?!?!?!?

I referred them to my OB/GYN, and they went. I think they may have shocked my doctor by asking for nothing but having her deliver the baby, and sign the Birth Certificate. They want nothing else - no shots, no blood tests, no vitamin K, not even a bath for the baby at the hospital. My SIL doesn't even want to stay overnight, but wants to come right back home.

I asked them why, and they gave me some reasons, the most ironic to me being that they didn't want to have to pay the deductible for staying at the hospital. I said hmmm...did you check with the insurance as to what they will charge for just a birth, as opposed to staying overnight?

They didn't like that.

I honestly wasn't judging, although I think that if your insurance covers it, and you have a husband who can hack it at home for a night or two while you get some recuperation time, you should take it...but that's just me...

I am tired, cranky, and really hoping that BB is feeling better tonight, because I'm not sure I can take him yelling at the kids for every blink at the wrong moment...

Prayers are much appreciated - I do not want a house full of sick people, myself included.

I know that I have a friend who buried her husband this morning, but honestly, there are times that I have trouble seeing my blessings, so prayers for that are appreciated too!

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Sarah said...

Sending you hugs across the sea! Sarah x