January 28, 2010

It's an Uphill Battle...

I'm feeling better today, both physically and emotionally. We had a great presenter at our Moms' group today. She talked about just what I needed to hear, how to get through those overwhelming times as a Mom.

She's a mom of 8, so she knows. It was good.

Physically, I've been able to get to sleep shortly after the kids each night, so I'm actually getting close to 9 hours of sleep each night. It is nice. Now, I'm hoping that I can kick this bug before I'm totally infected by it...come on, immune system...work you little white blood cells!

In other news...I think the baby has a chronic case of the hiccups...it seems that every time I sit down the baby gets them, and then starts to just flat out wiggle like a bowl of jell-o on a sub-woofer.

Oh well...that means all is well, I suppose...but I'll be asking the doctor about the spastic episodes that happen sometimes.

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