November 08, 2009

My OCD Rears Its Ugly Head

Well...I'm going totally overboard in the last days about schedules, routines, housework, chores, and teaching my children the importance of delayed gratification...

For some reason, I'm totally motivated to get all manner of things done around my home...maybe it was being cooped up with the kids for the last 3 weeks as they struggled from cold to sinus infections back to health, and we dealt with our Colorado "blizzard" and really cold temperatures...maybe it's some weird affliction with this pregnancy where the "nesting" starts at 20 weeks, instead of closer to due date...

At any rate, over the last 4 days I have:
  • stripped all the beds of bedding (including quilts, pillow shams and dust ruffles), washed, dried and replaced bedding on beds.
  • dusted and washed blinds and windows in bedrooms.
  • cleaned ceiling fans and moldings, brushed down all walls to free them from all fuzzy things that cling to the stupid texture (can I just say that I DESPISE the "California Knock-Down" texture????)
  • vacuumed walls, and even stuck my vacuum wand down the heat vents to get some of the ick out of the system
  • washed curtains and drapes
  • reorganized my closet and dresser
  • purged my library (yes, I actually got rid of books!!!!! YELP!)
  • took bags of clothing and boxes of books to be donated at the appropriate locations
  • cleaned out my coat closet and donated 6 coats (all of which were mine! YELP! again!)
  • cleaned my kitchen thoroughly (as in took everything off the flat surfaces, washed decorative things, scrubbed cabinets, counters, appliances, and floors)
  • sorted my baking mixes and took inventory
  • reorganized my large freezer and took inventory to minimize duplicating and overstocking, thus cutting our expenses further
  • cleaned BB's office from top to bottom
  • cleaned the living, dining, and family rooms (tooks things off shelves, dusted things, dusted shelves, washed glass on doors and screens, vacuumed)
  • scrubbed the bathrooms from top to bottom (took down fan covers and disinfected them, washed windows, and mirrors, disinfected showers/tubs, toilets, sinks, and floors)
  • groomed the dog (prior to cleaning the bathroom)
  • brushed the cats and gave them a nail trim
  • wore BB's respirator that he uses when he's using any type of finish or stain so I could change the cat boxes and clean the storage room where they are kept
  • scrubbed the inside of my refrigerator and discarded some leftovers that actually walked out of the fridge without my assistance
  • washed, dried, folded and put away 7 loads of laundry
  • ironed for 3 hours (and still have 2 dozen items left to iron!)
  • made menus for 2 weeks of dinners and put aside the non-perishable items for the meals
  • made BB's lunch for tomorrow only to find he had a lunch meeting with the boss, so it's ready to Tuesday
  • made cookies, brownies, and 2 loaves of pumpkin spice bread, as well as sourdough bread
I still have things I'd like to finish this week. In addition to the normal things I'll do like errands to the library, and the usual laundry, cooking and cleaning, I plan to:
  • sort and repack the children's clothing that is outgrown and take stock of what we have and what is needed (knowing that we'll not know pink or blue til March)
  • reorganize the storage room to avoid injury to anyone that goes into it
  • clean my office and get things put away once and for all
  • pick up the play room, clean and organize the area and all toys, taking stock of what we've got and what we might need
  • make some freezer meals for nights when things are crazy
  • make spaghetti sauce and meatballs
  • plan my Christmas list and get shopping
  • write my holiday letter and start addressing envelopes so it can just be printed and sent off
  • upload pictures to our website and send some prints to the Grandmas along with handwritten letters
  • find something spectacular for Grandma H's 90th birthday in February
  • plan some fun things for our Christmas trip to Oregon
  • potty train Destructo-Girl (fka Tiny Princess)
It is a lot, I know, but I just can't stand that things have gotten to the state which they have

BB is at my folks, using a tool of my father's to sharpen some items. He's been gone 2 hours. I'm not expecting him before 7. I'll get dinner for the kids and myself, and he can fend for himself when he arrives home.

And now that I've dumped my insanity on you...let me ask you - do you have a household routine for reoccurring chores? You know, do you have laundry day(s), baking day, cleaning day, yard day, errand day? Share with me...especially those of you who have more than 2 kids!

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Inkling said...

Days set aside for chores? I wish!!! Before Grasshopper, life had a manageable rhythm that did involve shopping days, laundry days, baking days, etc. But now, we just survive and go with the flow. I look forward to the time when I can get things under control better.....or convince you to come work for me. ;) You could be like Mary Poppins, only with kids of your own.