October 27, 2009

Almost There

Alright, that title is a TOTAL lie...We're not quite halfway to Number 3's arrival. We're not quite finished with Tiny Princess' new room. We're not quite finished with winterizing the outside of the house (storm due to come in tonight and leave several inches of snow). We're not quite finished with finding homes for everything that we have floating around the house.

I'm so tired of clutter...so tired of finding places to put things, and truly wish that BB would just let go of things. I mean, really, who still has all their notebooks from Junior High/Middle School and High School "just in case" they need it again?!?!?!?!?!?! Ummmm...hello, we were out of elementary school 20 years ago! (Boy did that make me feel old all of a sudden!) And why on earth, if we're not moving do we need the packaging for electronic equipment we no longer own??? And riddle me this: Why is it necessary to hold on to computer software books that are from version 1 of a program that is not even around anymore? Is someone going to buy this someday? I think not...

But there's no way that BB will let me donate/sell/recycle/trash any of it...and so, my basement storage room has 4 sets of shelves that are 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide, each with 5 shelves on them that are FULL of boxes of things from BB's past.

Now, before you go getting all up in my grill on this, let me explain. I am not asking him to unload photo albums, or keepsakes like the journal that his biological mom gave him upon his High School graduation. I'm not asking him to let go of the imitation Hummel figurines that his Grandmother gave us from his mother's collection. I'm not even asking him to stop buying triple and quadruple tools for his workshop. I just don't see why we need his gown from college graduation. It won't fit him, and he won't let the kids have it for dress-up...so it hangs in our closet, taking up space and gathering dust...

I have one box with my old dolls and their clothes in it, waiting for Tiny Princess to be old enough to play with them if she wants them. If she doesn't I'll make the decision then to keep or unload them. I have 2 medium-sized boxes of books that are important to me - my Little House collection, my Trixie Belden and Nancy Drew books, along with my copies of some classics. Those are going to be taken out in the next year or so to be read to the kids, and eventually for them to read over and over and over again...

However...when we have boxes of papers from BB's school days that are things like handwriting assignments...I just don't get it.

I have my copies of my report cards and transcripts, as does he.

Mostly I am just frustrated that every time we clean up and organize one place in our house, another place gets things just sort of dumped into it...and I'm not all into making my home look a magazine spread, but I do want it to look neat, tidy, clean, and to not be jammed full of junk...

It reminds me of my rock collection. I'd pick up any old rock that looked neat or special and put it into a drawer of my dresser, to be kept, safe, until I wanted to look at them. Every spring and every fall, we'd go through the effort of cleaning up - sorting out clothes that no longer fit us, putting away books and toys for a garage sale or donation, that we no longer played with and weren't overly special to us...but that rock collection lasted for 3 entire years before I finally realized what it was I was carrying around with me...and I was able to let it go...those rocks are still in the rock border at the house in which I grew up. I know, because the last time we went that way, the rocks were still there. :D

I am feeling dejected because I am sick, I worked my fanny off this weekend with that which I was allowed to do, and I still have piles and stacks of junk in my bedroom, my living room, the office, Tiny Princess' current room...and a closet full of boxes of crap that BB will NOT let me get rid of.

Part of it is my own fault for asking him to help me. Had I just done it on my own, half of these things would have been donated or recycled, and he'd never have known. I cannot count how many times I heard him say last week "Oh my gosh! I forgot all about that!"

And really, if you don't remember that you had it in the first place, doesn't that speak to the importance of an item?

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