July 27, 2009

Proof That You Really Do Learn Something New Every Day

Once upon a time, someone wise once told me "You learn something new every day!" I have used that saying myself many times over the years...mostly in sarcastic, condescending tones to people or myself when observing something truly stupid or obvious...usually, it is followed by "Thank you, Captain Obvious!"...however!

Today, already, in all seriousness, and some grossness, I have discovered that:
  • You can grow mushrooms in leftovers that didn't have mushrooms in them to begin with
  • Never, ever, under any circumstances, give into your craving for Mexican food followed by a large glass of ice cold orange juice. Ever.
  • If you put enough baking soda and white vinegar down your drains, it will indeed clear up a clog, disinfect your pipes and leave everything not smelling. Of anything.
  • White vinegar is amazingly effective at removing stains from carpet without damaging the fibers, removing the color, or even hurting your furniture!
  • When you leave your heretofore very well-behaved, happily playing children in the family room for 7 minutes while you go throw up the abovementioned Mexican food and OJ, their inner demons will emerge in full force, causing you learn the earlier stated fact about stains and vinegar.
  • The instant you take 5 minutes to "run quickly to the bathroom" the phone will ring, the doorbell will sound, the children will shriek, the cat will launch a hairball, and the dog will find the pile of rogue Cheerios beneath the recliner and overturn it in his desperation to eat them
Rest assured that all of my learning today has been of the gross or negative sort. For instance, I also learned that:
  • My husband is paying attention to the things I say!
  • My children are the most amazing and smart and beautiful in the world.
  • Sid the Science Kid has episodes I have not yet viewed
  • Beowulf was well done and an intersting take on the story without truly departing from the print version
  • Free Showtime from DirecTV is not as bad as I thought it was going to be
  • My cat has an amazing digestive system - oh wait...that was gross wasn't it?

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Anonymous said...

hope the day got better.