July 29, 2009

One Down, One to Go (and One to Be Born)

I am officially calling Captain Chaos potty trained! We have now had 3 days in a row with successful trips to the potty chair before the need actually overtook the boy. We have also had a week with several successful occaisions of BMs in the potty! We have had need spoken when we are out as weel as while we are at home. We have even had one totally excited little boy that he got to use the "big potty" at the restaurant!

Now, I am well aware that we will still require some sort of absorpent clothing device during naptime, and definitely during nighttime. I'm ok with that. I can handle buying a package of disposable training pants and having them last for 2 months, since we would only use one a day.

I think we'll let him revel in the glory of being a "big boy" until we return from our trip to visit with the In-Laws at the end of August before we start Tiny Princess.

I am hoping that we'll have passed through the worst of the morning sickness by then, to allow me to sit on the floor and read books for 15 minutes at a time as we acclimate Tiny Princess to the whole "going" routine...and that will be our challenge right now...she just does not want to sit still for very long periods of time...

In other news...Friday is our first scan at the doctor for Echo...please be praying that all will be where it should be, that we'll see what is a healthy 9w2d baby growing strong and healthy.

I'm a nervous wreck, because we've never NOT had a scan by this point...teach me to take the dumb test after 2 weeks instead of waiting a full month...


Inkling said...


You asked me about early training in one of my posts. I started to write about it, but then noticed my judgmental side was glaringly obvious and canned it.

Basically, if the mama is up for it, then I say go for it. Personally, I'll wait until I see signs of readiness in Grasshopper. Putting him on the toilet to try to relieve constipation is one thing, but I'm not really a fan of elimination communication/diaper free mothering, simply because I'd rather focus on other things about my child than having to read his every cue. It's more "parent training" than baby potty training, since they don't have the physiological function to really make the connections. (And I don't personally believe they always give you a cue, unlike my crazy friend who is currently probably getting peed on for the umpteenth time today. She is so committed to the diaper free thing that she's not even willing to keep him in a diaper when she takes him out in public or to people's homes. And that would be why we aren't planning on having them over anytime soon. I'm hoping she will change her mind soon.)

My sister-in-law potty trained her kids early and did great. I'm sure I'll be picking her brain when the time comes.

So I'm sorry not to have awesome tips for you, but hopefully you'll find some good resources should you decide to go in that direction with #3.

Tell Captain that he rocks. I'm proud of him. And if I were there, I'd take him out for ice cream and then hang out with him until the sugar shock wore off. =)

Kork said...

On a rather selfish note...I'm glad you aren't going down the whole diaper-free thing too! Holy cow, I cannot imagine trying to have had 2 such little ones without the benefit of diapers!

I was more just curious on how the whole constipation thing was working with the sitting on the potty...I'd never heard of that particular technique...I'll email you the details about our adventures in that area some time...

FarmWife said...

Bitsy is just beginning to show interest in the potty. Mainly she wants to sit on it for long periods of time without doing anything in it, then demand to wear training pants. But I'm OK with that....until she demands to wear the training pants to the county fair. Then we have a battle of wills....that I win.