May 13, 2009

Gotta Love Couponing!

OK - so I have, heretofore, only relied upon the coupons that came in my Sunday paper and the local ads for my savings...

A few short days ago (ok, maybe like a week or more), a good, good friend of mine and I chatted about how she has been able to save 50% on her groceries, and is now shopping and planning meals around those items for which she has coupons.

I ran into her at Tar.get yesterday while I was whiling away the hours and our hard-earned dollars on total splurge items (did the kids really need that cute picnic basket set for $15?)...and she had a fistful of coupons, and sort of hushedly announced to me that she was getting 100 calorie packs of Ore.os for 4 cents. And boxes of Wheat Thins for 60 cents.

I sort of blinked at her and was like "really? ummmmm....HOW!?!??!!", and she told me about the amazing offer that Kraft foods is promoting right now...they have $50 worth of coupons on their website right now...and it is for things that my family will actually EAT!!!!!!

I just printed off several coupons for things like crackers, cheese, cream cheese, pudding...and now that I have other coupons from my newspaper inserts, along with the new sales that are starting today...I think I can purchase my groceries and actually save twice that which I spend!

I'm so excited!!!!!

I must also thank SpringsBargains for her awesome work on finding and posting the fabulous deals and freebies in the CO Springs area. While I am not in the Springs, about 95% of her offers can be found in my town...check it out!

That being said, I'm going to hop into the shower, and get ready for my day (the kids just now started stirring and its almost 8!!!!) after working out, and printing coupons off. And then, I'll blaze through the house for the "surface cleaning" chores, make my list while Tiny Princess takes her morning nap, and in between morning and afternoon naps, I'll be hitting the grocery stores for super duper deals!


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Penny said...

I got the coupons from the Kraft website too! I love getting their emails with great easy and cheap recipies, menu ideas and such. I have even signed up for the great book they mail out quarterly. You should check out this website!!
Have fun shopping with all that free food money!!