May 12, 2009

Finding the Motivation

Well...thus far this morning, I've stuck to my list pretty well. I didn't get all the things from yesterday done, so some carried over...but that's ok!

I was awakened at 5:15 by Tiny Princess coughing and then sort of whimpering in her bed...she was still asleep, but must have been dreaming.

SO...unable to fall asleep again (which was lousy because we have nowhere to go today), I got up, went downstairs, and finished cleaning my kitchen, tidied the rest of the downstairs, and was back upstairs, showered and dressed by 6:30. I moved onto the beginnings of my "today" list, and thus far have:

  • ironed all of the clothes that need ironing
  • paid bills/updated financial records and filed
  • cleaned up the rest of my Mary Kay office (big order just arrived needing labels, and putting up)
  • sorted, organized and cleaned up toys in playroom
I still need to:
  • sweep and vacuum basement, including the webs in the windows (ICK!)
  • disinfect the kids' wading pool and put it into the shed for the next 3 weeks til the weather is truly warm enough for it to be filled
  • bake cookies
It is supposed to be 85 today, so I'm not sure the baking will actually happen...but I have the best of intentions to do so today. If it is truly miserable (I refuse to turn on the A/C this soon in the year), I will, instead, make Jell-O and Pudding for BB to take in his lunches (price compared to the pre-packed cups is waaaayyyyy less and not that difficult to do!) tonight, and then prepare the cookie dough, leave it in the fridge tonight and bake them in the morning before it gets crazy hot again.

Wednesday's plan is still:
  • grocery shopping
  • library day
  • shopping for "fun clothes" that are cheap for myself
  • mow grass
Thursday still includes:
  • Moms' group at church
  • laundry (yes, there'll be at least one load to do)
  • buy seeds for my garden and mulch for my flower beds
Friday will still be:
  • dust and vacuum the upstairs (windows are open on any day above 60 this time of year)
  • clean the bathrooms (yes, I'm anal that way!)
  • change the kids' beds again (see below)
  • BB gets home mid-afternoon
Those may change depending on how I feel about working ahead on my list...I may, today, do some of Wednesday's items, or even Thursday or Friday' I can just sit around on my duff watching soap operas and eating bon-bons...hee hee...

I am anxiously awaiting the end of the school year, as it means that I'll have built in babysitters in my neighbor kids, at least for a day or two out of the week.

It is nice to know that the kids in the house are now old enough to play outside with the kids in the cul-de-sac...they can now ride bikes together around the circle, play frisbee, throw the football, and later in the summer, we can take turns playing in the yards, and pools!

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