April 05, 2008

Why I Think Procrastination is OK

At least in this instance...I finally packed away my china. My 3 sets of china. Only one of which is complete service for 12. The other 2 are semi-sets. You know, the ones someone gave you because they didn't use them anymore, but they didn't bother to tell you that they only had 7 of this plate, and 9 of this, but you DO have all 12 teacups, saucers and dessert dishes. But half of those are chipped, and they didn't follow the recommendation of the manufacturer and hand wash, so the design is faded if not gone, and the pretty silver edging is all washed away...yeah, those sets of china.

Those 2 it was not such an issue to pack up. In reality, I'd like to sell the Lenox on EBay (it sells for $105 a place setting if you buy it new), and donate the other set to someone or something, but the in-laws gave it to hubby when he graduated college...the poor boy can't say "no" to anything free or cheap. But, alas, the giving away of MIL's old china that she didn't want will have to wait for many more years...so it now sits, in a 21 gallon Rubbermaid tub in my basement, unused, dusty, chipped, and incomplete. The Lenox I think I'm telling BB that I'll try selling on EBay...maybe we can get some cash for it that would help us out a bit...I could use it for my MK business...after all, it was from before I even knew BB...why should he like it at all???

The third set, however, has me feeling decidedly blue. You see, it was my Nana's set. It is complete. I have every platter, vegetable bowl, dessert bowl, teacup, saucer and plates of all sizes for it. Only 1 dinner plate broke in the shipping, and I have found it online for cheap to replace. It has been lovingly cared for since my Nana and Poppy were married in the late 30s and they received it as a gift from family members who saved their stamps and traded them in at the local market. The reason this has me feeling so blue? My Nana died when Captain Chaos was only 1 week old...and I didn't get to say goodbye. It was like losing her all over again today when I put it away in the tub...I cried. A lot.

And I'm mad at BB that he won't let me buy a china cabinet with any of the money I've been given as gifts from his folks over the years. He wants to build it.

I balk at this because about 6 months after we were married, he said he'd build me a music cabinet just like the antique Queen Anne style cabinet that was my other Grandma's, that my mom won't let me have yet. Our 6th anniversary is in June, and my cabinet has yet to surface from the shop. Oh, don't get me wrong, we've had the lumber for 5 years, the design specs for at least that long...and the pieces have been cut for 4 years. They are just not assembled, and not finished. Still. So my music sits in boxes in the basement and I have to dig through them each time I want something different to play on my piano...how sucky is that?

I would much rather take my $2500 and go get the one I want. From a store that deals in solid wood furniture, not particle board covered in paper that looks like wood. It is the one I want, with the details and features I want...

So why oh why won't he let me?!?!?!?!?

Anyway...why do today what you can put off until tomorrow? At least, that's how I feel...sometimes, you're just not ready to say goodbye all over again...

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