April 04, 2008


Well, it is Friday afternoon. BB didn't get home from the office until almost 8 last night, poor guy.

My folks stopped by for some spoiling of the kiddos, and we had a good chat.

I have all my work done (have I mentioned how much easier the housework is when someone else cleaned my toilets?), and am looking forward to my weekend. I have a bridal shower to go to for a good friend from back in the day. I must say I am THRILLED that she is getting hitched this summer. She is such a dear, dear friend, and truly wonderful person. I know that her man has some clue of just how wonderful she is, but I don't think he'll actually really get it til after they say their vows. At any rate, bridal showers always make me happy. The only thing happier is baby showers! There's just something about helping someone celebrate the beginning of the next chapter of their life...making the commitment to each other and all the other "mushy" stuff that happens when 2 people are at that point in their lives. Maybe it's because I know that as their marriage ages, it will get better.

PHEW...enough waxing poetic there...

I got a good chuckle out of some of the comments from yesterday's post, so please keep them coming!

ALSO...PLEASE go check out Wha'cha Got Cookin'

I cannot tell you all how much I love that site! I am so excited to have new recipes to try out! Especially knowing that they've already been tested! I mean, the ones you get from the magazines are all well and good, but would you family REALLY eat couscous, steamed veggies and shrimp in parchment paper packets? Well, maybe they would, but I can tell you my mother's voice is ringing in the back of my head "Do you know how much easier it would have been just to make this in a casserole dish? Why are you serving shrimp? This would have been much more cost efficient with chicken!" Not that my mom is a bad or evil person. Quite the opposite in fact...she's just realistic about feeding a family on a budget, and she knows that shrimp is NOT within our budget. But I've shared some the recipes with her. In fact, she asked me if there were any good recipes "on that thing you do", and I said, somewhat exasperatedly, "I'll just send the link to the website for you...that way you can find your own yummy recipes." She was excited to get out and look!

Well, the Captain should be waking up any moment now...I love 4 hour nap days! It means his body was starting to fight off something, and he's sleeping through it, PLUS he'll be a happy boy this weekend, which is good as BB gets to hang out with him tomorrow while Tiny Princess, Mom and I attend said shower. Guess I should make sure I have a gift for the bride eh? They're doing a "round the clock" shower. Never heard of it before but I'll let you know what exactly it works out to entail during the actual shower, and how much fun it is or isn't...thinking maybe that should be the way to go from here on out for showers...hmmmmmmm

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