March 26, 2008

Wednesday...nothing exciting...

Ok, so maybe that's an understatement, but I'm carless today, I was going to bake, and be all domestic, but I have no yeast, and only a smidge of salt, no baking...unless I cheat and use the tub of pre-made cookie dough we bought from the neighbor boy to fund his baseball team...

Monday saw us welcome the first of 12 visits from our cleaning lady, payment for which was gifted by my MIL. Our lady was awesome! She was here for about 5 hours, but the house actually sparkles! Of course, the biggest difference is that there is NO CLUTTER laying around anywhere. Never mind that what didn't get put into it's home before 10 on Monday morning is now in a box or shopping bag in my basement awaiting the moment I woke up on Monday morning I had this sense of peace that all would be right with my world, superseded by Captain Chaos waking up cranky, followed by Tiny Princess wanting to eat every hour, and BB being mad because he had to wake up and go to work.

After calming my hubby and sending him off with a bag full of delicious leftovers to eat for lunch (yes, he is actually EATING the leftovers, rather than leaving them for me and Capt to eat), I turned my attention to my poor children. Captain Chaos appears to be cutting his 2-year molars, which is seeming to take way too long...he is irritable, and goes between feverish and chilled, has the worst diaper rash ever, but no sign of any intestinal issues that usually accompany new teeth. He had a nice, long bubbly bath, in which he splashed, played with his pirate ship, ducks, and a car. He was then treated to a morning of sitting with Mama and reading all his books...ok, not all, but a heap of them. Tiny Princess was switched from side to side to eat, and sleep alternately throughout the day...

All I can say is that at least the house was could have eaten off my floors spotless...and that has not happened since I was in the hospital with Tiny Princess right after she was born and my Mom and Daddy were here taking care of Captain Chaos...

BB came home that night to a fabulous dinner of Cube Steaks, baked potatoes, salad, all ready for him to eat when he walked in the door.

The laundry was all that was waiting! And how, precisely, does one wash, dry, fold and put away laundry with a toddler and an infant stuck to you like socks to towels with no fabric softener?

Tuesday saw us at our Moms' group, where we had a swell time! I had a blast, and it was due mostly to the fact that I got to take Captain Chaos to his class, where he played for 2 hours with other children, had a snack, and had someone other than me telling him not to chew on things. We came home, he slept, she slept, I did laundry, and finished up some things for BB's business part of our taxes (I know...April 15 is right around the corner blah blah blah...), and was not expecting BB home until 7, due to a late meeting with his team in Shanghai, which does not follow Daylight Savings time (smart people, they). He surprised us by coming home at 5 to call in the toll-free conference line, and so I scrambled to put dinner together. Normally, Captain and I eat leftovers or scrambled eggs when BB is late like that. SO...we had our normal Tuesday night dinner, and BB got leftover steak from Sunday night.

This morning, BB informed me that he needed to tow a co-workers truck to the shop, and left without taking out Captain's car seat, or the double stroller. I had the brilliant idea to use the single stroller with Princess' car seat on it, as she's not quite comfortable laying flat in it, or sitting partially up quite yet, even as strong as she is, and put Captain on his leash. Don't laugh...if you've ever traveled with a headstrong, physically strong speedy 2 year old, you know why you need one. They can walk, they're attached to you so they can't run away or get run over by speedy travelers that refuse to check their's glorious! WELL...let me tell you that they had entirely different opinions about what would happen today...Captain has spent the entire day thus far between whining and throwing things, he wouldn't eat, all he wanted to do was watch Playhouse Disney. Fine...I'm ok with the occasional day of TV babysitting...but the stupid receiver has been acting up. Apparently, they aren't designed to last longer than 5 years, so you have to continually upgrade and get the newer one...well, our provider no longer sells TiVo branded receivers, SO we'd lose all the functionality that we LOVE about our TiVo, but could get theirs for free...OR we could go to Circuit City, or Best Buy, and purchase a new TiVo receiver that works with our provider for the low low cost of $150. Which we don't, I was watching scrambly, hiccupy, wonky Disney programming this morning, listening to the Captain whine, and feeding the Princess every hour.

Did I mention that she's only going 3 hours between feedings at night right now? She has apparently decided that the 3 inches she grew in the first 8 weeks of her life was not nearly enough, so she's going through a growing spurt...

SO, while my house is shiny and clean, and clutter free, I've not been able to work out the last 3 days, am so tired from lack of sleep I'm dizzy...I lost Monday's episode of my soap opera, and I'm stuck at home because the Captain decided he wanted to run through the house at top speed and slammed his head into the newel post of our staircase...he now has an egg on his head, a large headache, aching gums, a mild fever, diaper rash, AND the lovely dirty diapers from Hades started this morning as well...he is now firmly and safely deposited into his bed, dosed with Infants' Tylenol and Baby Orajel. He is blessedly quiet for the moment.

Tiny Princess was fed within an inch of her life, and when she began bleating for more, I popped a bottle of formula into her mouth so I could have her sleep for longer than 40 minutes, as well as eat some lunch, go to the bathroom, and put the wet clothes on the line, and the next load into the washer.

BB has decided, after viewing Discovery Home's show "Wasted" that we are going to do all that we can to reduce our carbon footprint, along with the added blessing of saving on our gas and electric bill. I've yet to come up with a way to reduce our water consumption as I will NOT go without showering and flat out REFUSE to follow the "if its yellow, let it mellow" concept of not flushing. That is disgusting, and unsanitary...and if the folks that are concerned about the environment want to arrest me for flushing after EVERY use of the toilet, they can come and hunt me down...I'm already re-using water from soapless clean ups to water plants, composting our food waste, recycling everything we can possibly recycle, and am walking with the kids everywhere that is within 2 miles of the house...BB is riding the motorcycle, and is researching going to cloth diapers, so we can save money and the landfills. AND I'm now drying only the heaviest of items (towels and jeans) in the dryer. The rest is being air-dried. All I can say about that is have you ever put on a pair of air-dried underpants????? OUCH!

Well, I've got some clothes that are dry that I can fold and put away, so I'm off to do that...Toodles!

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FarmWife said...

Three words: Hylands Teething Tablets. They are milk based & homeopthic & an abosolute miracle!

When my B.B. was Cap's age, Husband's cousin gave me two to try. We were at his grand's house & B.B. was a total bear. Ten minutes later, he quit wallowoing on me & crying, got up, and played with his cousins the rest of the afternoon.

They carry them at Wal-Mart with the vitamin suppliments. There are enough in one bottle to get you through both the kids teething issues. Here's a link if you want to check them out:

I usually give Bitsy two tablets and a dose of infant's Tylenol. The tablets work within minutes and the Tylenol kicks in shortly after.

Good luck with your carbon foot print...I'd love to do that, but living in the country is oddly noncondusive to recycling & such.