March 25, 2008

If March Comes in Like a Lion... I officially cannot say that I remember if March came in like a lion or a lamb...BUT...I do know that today it was GORGEOUS outside...still is in fact.

I'm watching Friday's Days of our Lives, where they have written off Shawn D and Belle...Bo is recovering from a pancreas transplant, John is the new bad guy, Stefano is in a drug-induced vegetative state, Kayla is pregnant, and Hope is being stalked by a crazy daughter of a mob man who thinks Hope is Kayla...ahhh I love this show!

I'm very excited that last night, we recorded a new episode of CSI:Miami...I cannot wait to catch back up with Callie, Eric, H and the rest. We've also become addicted to New Amsterdam...check it out...Monday nights on Fox...very cool.

Dinner is ready, and BB just pulled up, so I must go, but I shall be back tomorrow!

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