March 31, 2008

Things I Hate About Mondays

While I can scratch off "Going to Work" from the list of things I hate about Mondays (since I don't really go anywhere per se, and my work is truly never completed as a mom), I have a BIG FAT thing to add.

Topping the list as of Thursday last week, is:

Attending the funeral of your best friend's father.

Now, I know that I only have one best friend whose family is close enough to me geographically whose funerals I could attend, but that is a moot point, so don't bring it up again.

My friend A, whom I've known now for 13 years (met her right after I came home from my year in Illinois, so Farmie is the oldest of my best friends), called me Friday afternoon to inform me that her father, who had been out of town for a softball tournament, had died suddenly while still away from home. He had a pulmonary embolism. One of the last conversations he had had with non-family while away was with the wife and daughter of one of the other players who had to be taken back to the airport. The entire ride was filled with conversation about his family, especially his wife, and how much he loved them and was proud of them. All arrangements had to be made after knowing how soon his body could be sent home to Colorado...I cannot imagine life without my own dad, and know how much loved her dad. And how much her hubby loved him, and thought of him as "dad", so much more so than his own father, who is, sadly, a schmuck.

That being said, I have arranged a sitter for Captain Chaos, am dressed conservatively in the one remaining pair of black pants I own that is not falling off of me, a gray sweater (to match this morning's sky), and have just finished feeding the Tiny Princess. I am currently GoogleMapping directions to the Mormon Church at which the service will be held. I am morbidly intrigued, having never attended a Mormon funeral before, and am curious as to what will transpire...

Before you can condemn my curiosity, I will admit that I am curious about all religious ceremonies that occur within other religions. I'm not talking about attending Mass, or a Lutheran funeral here...and I would admittedly be as sickly curious about attending a Buddhist, or Muslim funeral...Those type of things fascinate me.

Which is why, in an attempt to lighten my post this morning, I shall end with "Things I Love (In General".

Life with the Mek, the Adventures of Mark & Ollie. Those guys are crazy...and I am insanely jealous of their ability to pack up and move in with an obscure tribe somewhere to learn about their culture and people...

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