February 06, 2008

My the Time...How it Does Fly

Whew! I just finished catching up on Farmie's recent posts, and realized that I hadn't posted anything for quite some time!


I suppose I could chalk it up to the fact that BB and I have been going to bed at the late hour of 8pm...right after we throw the kids into their beds, we tumble into ours. However, on Friday night, I finally gave in, and decided to give the Tiny Princess her normal feeding and then supplement with a couple ounces of formula...I know, I know, all you die-hard breastfeeding supporters are shuddering and cringing and crying "treason!" at me, but let me tell you this...I feed that baby girl every 2 hours like clockwork...which means that if she wakes at 1am, and nurses for 45 minutes (with burping included, and is SHORT), she is back asleep and I am in bed by 2...then she wakes at 3 to eat again...and trust me...me on spurts of one hour of sleep at a time is NOT a pretty sight...I could conceivably become one of those parents that Bill Cosby described in his "Himself" show...you know, the one where her face splits in 2, leaving only her skull, hair glowing orange, red lights shooting from her eye sockets, screaming at her poor husband...

SO...after the nights of the 22nd, through the 1st of waking like that, I decided enough was enough...she obviously was NOT getting all she needed from me, much to my embarrassment after my last post, and so we began. And yes, I'm using all the special herbal concoctions and supplements that are safe for me to use without turning my hair green and skin blue or some such silly thing.

All this to get to my point that tomorrow, Tiny Princess will already be 3 weeks old...and Captain Chaos is only 3 1/2 short months from turning 2! Holy Cow!

I cannot believe how much she has changed already, but as all babies do, she is rapidly changing right before my eyes. Seriously...I swear that while she was nursing tonight, she grew 1/4 inch and put on a couple ounces, filling out her little round rosy cheeks.

I must say, however, that if my girl continues on her bodily development path of "growth and size" she will be a model...the girl's legs are loooong...and she has no hiney to speak of. I mention this because the Captain weighed 8 pounds 11ounces at birth, didn't lose weight, and at his 4 week check-up weighed 12 pounds...the boy is SOLID...so this little delicate girl thing is foreign to me. All you have to do is look at my own baby pictures to understand why this is so...I was NEVER the skinny stick that my Farmie is (sorry darling, but you are!), but have always been solid, bordering on chubby, sometimes downright FAT at various stages of my life. I did have one summer where I went from something like 5 feet, to my current 5'5", and stayed at my 90 pounds, but I was like 11...and didn't appreciate the fact that the shorts from the previous summer didn't fit because the elastic was so stretched out from being large...SIGH...those were the days. But I digress.

Tiny Princess is a scrawny-butt little thing...which makes me laugh...especially when I get saddled with Captain Chaos' dirty diaper, and change my mammoth of a son, and have to use 2 wipes simply because of the surface area there is to clean, and then go to change her diapers...and the one wipe only has one corner used!

Rest assured, however, that no matter what, I will teach my children about being HEALTHY, and making healthy choices, NOT that they should look a certain way, or be a certain size. I did have a dream that the Captain was concerned about being on the low end of the weight class for wrestling...so he wanted to lose a pound to stay in his current class, but be the biggest guy in it.

Well, I'm trying to decide if I should be posting any pictures of my darling girl and her adorable big brother, but cannot determine is such posting is selfish, or seeking out praise for my adorable children.

I know that Farmie has permission to pass along our on-line album to her family, and if you want it, you'll have to beg my permission...or sweet-talk Farmie.

And now, that's it for tonight, I'm going to read my fantastic new book, shared by BB, who fell in love with the author (unheard of my non-reader husband).

If you're interested, and like Tom Clancy without having to read Tom Clancy...you might want to check out the books by Vince Flynn. They are political, military, intrigue, spy and CIA sort of things, which I don't normally read, but he's not all caught up in the details, and dry stuff like Tom Clancy is...otherwise, you definitely need to read "A Quiet Strength", the Tony Dungy autobiography. WOW!

And this personal to Farmie...sorry your Brady Bunch couldn't hold on for the Super Bowl victory, but, even if Tom hadn't been playing the halftime show...I don't think they'd have made it...I think he was too caught up in being "Mr Perfect" to take little Eli as a serious contender! :D


Anonymous said...

she sounds perfect in every way. hugs..glad to see you post.

FarmWife said...

I'm really OK with the loss. My true loyalties lie closer to home...GO TITANS (even if they're not so hot)!!!! I was only cheering for them because I thought the whole totally undefeated thing would be cool.

I do not in anyway see it as a failure that you're supplementing. You do what's best for you & princess. End of story. I'm just glad you're nursing when you can. That every 2 hour thing is tough!!

Oh, and if you're going to put me in charge of getting the pics out, you'll need to send me your link again. I think I've lost it. Bad Farmie!