January 05, 2008

Back to Normal

Well, the tree is undecorated, disassmebled, put away (actually, it is in it tubs and awaiting BB to haul it to the basement...too heavy for me right now), all the remnanats of Christmas are gone from the house, with the exception of a few pieces of fudge given to us by one of BB's co-workers.

The floor under the tree has been swept and mopped, a load and a half of laundry are done. I really do need to determine how it is that I can do 4 loads of laundry on Thursday, NOT change the sheets and towels out again, and have 2 full loads of laundry again today...maybe there are clothing gremlins that put things in my laundry sorter while I sleep...because I know that I only wear one outfit each day. Captain Chaos is well past the age of changing after each feeding or stinky diaper, and not yet into the potty-training stage of accidents, and leaky training pants. BB does not put his jeans into the dirty laundry until they've been worn at least twice, simply because he doesn't do "dirty things" in them. That always makes me chuckle, but before you go to that naughty place in your head, he simply means during the winter, he's not working up a sweat in his shop, or sitting at my folks, or in his chair watching football. His work clothes do go into the laundry at the end of each day, but still...how can 3 people end up generating 6 loads of laundry every week? Am I TOO obsessive when I change my sheets and towels once a week? I mean, we sleep on those sheets at the end of every day, dirty from the day...and the towels get wet down every morning when we use them to dry off after our showers...not to mention the hand towels and kitchen towels that get used a bazillion times a day...hmmmmm...I don't think I'm over-obsessing about that...and besides, that still means we generate 5 loads of laundry each week. Can anyone out there give me a better way to sort things than "pants (including jeans, sweats, and BB's khakis)", "colors", and "whites"????? I've tried the whole light and dark option, and still end up with 5 loads a week...SIGH.

Needless to say, since one load is washed, dried and folded, awaiting only my getting my lazy self up off the couch and putting it away, and the second is in the dryer for at least another 40 minutes (jeans), I'm sitting here watching the NFL playoffs. Currently, it appears that the Redskins just might come back and pull their act together and win this game, beating out the Seattle Seahawks. Now I am not a Seahawk fan, but Mama is...for whatever reason, she adopted the poor underdog team they were 30 years ago, and has never let them go. It's become a rather personal thing for her...and for her sake, I'd like to see them actually make it to a SuperBowl, and win!

It's time for me to start thinking about dinner for BB, the Captain and myself. Captain has taken afternoon naps for 3 days in a row now...he's also eating an equal amount to his father, who is built like a defensive lineman...I think perhaps he'll be shooting up an inch or so in the next week...

He is such a joy, and delight! And now he's awake, fussing, so I shall retrieve him, put away said laundry and bring my munchkin downstairs to watch football.

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FarmWife said...

I'd give my eye teeth to only have 5 loads a week. Let's see: 1 load of towels every day and a half (at least), 2 loads of sheets a week, one load of Baby clothes a week, one load of whites a week, one load of reds a week, two loads of jeans, darks, & lights a week. But then I have 6 people to wash for. Wanna' trade laundry? ;)