January 03, 2008

And So It Goes

Well, its official...I am absolutely OCD...I started this morning by doing laundry and stripping the beds, and removing the towels from the bathrooms...I moved to my kitchen, only after I had dusted and washed every possible surface in the bed and bathrooms...floors, windows, baseboard moldings, doors, counters, dressers, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers...they are positively sparkling!!!

The kitchen was next, and is now shiny, grease and dust free, and the floors are no longer sticky with raisin goo, or dusty...I was even walking around in my socks after I got done, and they were actually still WHITE when I sat down with my lunch! That hasn't happened in quite some time, so it felt REALLY good...

The next step was to dust and wash every thing in the living, dining, and family rooms, so now all my decorative nick nacks are shiny clean, the windows are sparkling on the inside (it was only 33 today...much too cold to wash windows).

After all the surfaces were clean and shiny, I moved to the cabinets, and linen closets, which are now full of supplies, no duplicates, empty containers, and all the towels and sheets are folded neatly, in sets, by size. Next came the pantry...which is halfway done...I decided I should probably cook some dinner for BB and Captain Chaos.

The amusing thing is that PreacherMan and Family, along with Daddy came by this morning, around 11, and because the Captain went down for an early nap, I had already been able to do all 3 bathrooms and bedrooms, and was just getting ready to start my kitchen when the doorbell rang...I had done amazing amounts of work, including the washing, drying, folding, and putting away of laundry in only 90 minutes...

And now, I'm waiting on hold to talk to someone at one of our credit cards to have our online account reset, so we can pay the stupid bill, as they charge $29 to pay over the phone, and our statement didn't get here until today, but is due tomorrow...how does that work?

I've now been holding for 10 minutes...grrrrrrr...pray that when they answer I don't go off on them!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It has to be in the water..It Just has to..I hope you remembered to breathe through all of this..LOL..

Enjoy your clean house.