December 03, 2007

Update on Grandma

Well, as of Friday, November 30, Grandma was in fine spirits, and the doctor says she is healing well.

She is in a local care center, undergoing 24 hour care, and daily PT. She is NOT wanting to go to an assisted living community, but would rather go home, and have someone come in nightly to take care of her.

The Aunt, Uncle, and MIL dilemma is fear for her safety, while not treating her like a child.

Wish them lots of luck, and be praying for the discussions that will be taking place over the coming days and weeks as she continues to heal.

Pray for her arm, that it would heal well, and that her doctor would look more closely at her health conditions, and her medications, to insure that nothing she is taking is reacting together to cause her to fall or anything else along that line.

MIL is even now undergoing her rescheduled MRI's, and will know something later this week. Pray that the doctor might see SOMETHING that would indicate the cause of her troubles...even if it means something scary...


Anonymous said...

sending prayers up for MIL and Grandma.
Hugs and Prayers

FarmWife said...

Praying for them & you. I hope there's news on MIL.

As for the Fibromyalga (?) you asked about earlier, QM has it. She could give you some info on it.