December 03, 2007

Home At Last be home!

We had a fairly uneventful drive to the airport on Saturday, a horribly bumpy and thus cranky flight home...followed by a rough night with Captain Chaos.

Sunday was joyous, as we were home, and Capt Chaos was thrilled to be with his toys again, and able to run and play as he would.

5 loads of laundry and an hour of ironing later, I tumbled into bed for the best night of sleep I have had in 3 weeks!

This morning, we headed off to the doctor for the Captain's 18 month checkup, at which we learned that he is just fine, and on track.

I am now in the process of procrastinating baking 4 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange tomorrow, and have to pick up the neighbor kids from school in 30 minutes.

I am SO glad to be home, even if it is cold and gray outside today...I'll be decorating for Christmas the rest of the week, and will start my baking for the friends and family next week. Mmmmm fudge...

The promised Tradition post will be written later, and posted ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Yahooo..She's home..She's home..Don't ever leave again. J/k..I missed your posts..Geeze you'd think I have no life..But I so enjoy reading your posts..

So glad you are and sound..


FarmWife said...

I'm so glad you're home & that CC is doing well. I knew you'd survive!!