December 06, 2007

One Day, One Task

I have decided that since there are approximately 40 days left until Baby #2 arrives, I have a LOT of things yet to do...

In fact, when I think of all the things that I want to get done BEFORE this baby gets here, I get very overwhelmed, so I'm adopting a new way of doing things until further notice. One Day, One Task. Now this is above and beyond the normal daily things like putting away clean clothes/dishes, washing dirty clothes/dishes (not in the same place or manner mind you!), putting away toys/shoes/keys/whatevers, and sweeping/vacuuming the floors on the main level of the house.

I know this sounds like I'm still doing a lot, but it actually works out to be just enough!

Today, the task was to get BBs office cleaned up...the filing had somehow gotten MONTHS behind, and was piled up all over the house, in addition to months of envelopes, catalogs, junk mail, and wrappers being jumbled in. His office also turned into our dumping ground because it has french doors with sheers over the windows...meaning I can throw whatever I want to in there, and no one can see it! However, it is now ALL cleaned up, filed, thrown away, recycled, shredded, dusted, vacuumed, and the inside of the windows are even washed, as are the lights and ceiling fan. Don't laugh about that, but with 2 cats, and a dog, along with the gunk that somehow collects on ceiling fans (can someone explain that to me PLEASE?), they were pretty gross, and now the room smells nice, and is amazingly bright!

After that, I sat and had a leisurely lunch while the Captain slept, watched my TiVo'd episode of yesterday's Days, and read the paper. Once I was all relaxed and hydrated again, I finished 2 loads of laundry, and cleaned up the explosion of toys in my living room.

My folks came over for a "quick" visit, to deliver the quilt for Captain Chaos' big boy bed (pictures to be posted as soon as I find the silly cable and upload the photos to the computer!), and his "new" bookcase. it's really the old one, but they painted it bright red. The only remaining things for the big boy room are to cut some new support slats for the bed (the previous family just "dealt" with the mattress sagging and the slat falling through because it was too short), and hang some cool die-cut wallpaper cars and racing flags on the walls. Being as he pulled the border in the nursery down, and we had to repaint the top half of that room, I'm ok with waiting until next summer, or even after the holidays of 2008 to hang those! We don't call him Captain Chaos without good reason you know...

Tomorrow's task will be NOTHING. We have our check-up for Minimus in the morning, and BB will be working from home, so it will be "keep the Capt from bothering Daddy", although that shouldn't be too difficult, as Daddy's office is VERY inhabitable, and he should be able to work from there, instead of his LaZ-Boy recliner...

I shall take the weekend "off" from extra work as I'm singing at Church this weekend, and will be gone a looooong time for that. While I love the option of Saturday night Church, it does make for a long weekend when you have to be there at 3pm for rehearsal and sound check, service runs from 5 - 6, and then you're back on Sunday morning at 7:15 for a sound check for the 8am service...followed by the 9:30 and 11am services...It totals up to almost 20 hours with the Wednesday night rehearsals we do.

Let me qualify this with the comment that I LOVE singing, and this is where I'm called to serve...there are just some weeks that God knows I need to be reminded that the singing is NOT about's about Him, and His people, and being used for His glory.

That's enough for now, as the Captain is clamoring for his dinner.

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Anonymous said...

you inspire me..just inspiring. I think right now it's the attitude you show in your posts. The Positive attitude. The love you have for God and your family.

Hugs and Thank You