November 01, 2007

Now I know why today is All Saints' Day


Well, after a day of attempting to keep Captain Chaos on his normal routine of nap in the am, and a nap after lunch...we gave up at about 2:30...and decided to go visit Grammy and Poppa in his little costume before heading to BB's office for the annual Halloween parade, during which the children parade through the halls and collect used to be that all the employees would gather to watch said children, but apparently, when they changed the parade to 4pm to accommodate school aged children, the bulk of employees that weren't helping decided to call it an early day...oh well!

We had fun, and my little monkey (in his monkey costume no less) was a hit with family, friends and neighbors. BB took him around the office collecting loot, and then we sat in the cafeteria for cider and cookies and let him run rampant with the other munchkins. He did amazingly well for having only 20 minutes of sleep!

After that, we came home, had a little snack, and BB took him around the neighborhood with our good friends that live across the way from us. He came back with a pretty full bag for a 17 month old!

And today, I'm pooped! I spent the morning attempting to clean house (how is it that you can never seem to stay on top of the clutter?!?!?!) of dust and piled up things that BB has left on various flat surfaces. Sometimes I think the man has a disease that requires him to obsessively cover every surface...maybe it is environmental, as my dear MIL has EVERY counter decorated with SOMETHING...all I know is that if I could have someone clean my house for me, I still wouldn't do that...too much visual distraction...I'm a simple person in that area I guess...

As to my title??? I guess it must take a saint to NOT be frustrated with candy wrappers, trash, costume pieces and parts strewn all over the house that WAS clean on Monday...

So again, I say, OY!

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