November 09, 2007

Coolest Thing Ever (thank you Comic Book Guy)

Yesterday, I went to our local Kohl's to find a pair of maternity jeans that would get me through the next 11 weeks. I got there to find they were having one of their infamous "Lowest Prices of the Season" sales, where they put things on clearance for up to 70% off. Great, right? How can you pass that up?!?!?!? Well, let me tell you how...BB is classified as Big & Tall when it comes to his shirts, meaning that we have to buy things that are listed as "SIZET" where the T stands for makes the top about 3 inches longer than usual, depending on the brand. Well, online at you can find all sorts of things that are Big & Tall for reasonable amounts of money. At the stores within my approved driving radius, there are NO stores that carry them in I couldn't buy some really great, name-brand sweaters for $10 :( After that, I wandered to the maternity department to find those jeans, which they had a whole wall full of, in the style and fit I was looking for. Just not my size. I asked the nice lady if she knew if there were any in the dressing room, or if more were coming in, and was told, "Oh, we only receive about 5 pieces in that size for each piece we order" basically, I was told that I was too big to find my size at their much does a pregnant woman need to hear that she's TOO BIG?!?!?!?!? For crying in the weeds!

So I left Kohl's, loaded up Captain Chaos, and drove up the street to our awesome Super Target. Where I found an ENTIRE RACK of jeans in my size. Not an entire rack of entire rack IN MY SIZE. Along with some really cute shirts, a winter jacket (which I'd been avoiding, thinking I'd just use one of BBs), dress pants, skirts, name it...and they had all these colors, styles, and SIZES!

In my jubilation, I noticed a couple of older women looking at one of the sweaters, and having difficulty finding the size they wanted. So I helped them, and we chatted about the outrageous cost of buying clothes, and how I was tempted to buy several things to flesh out my wardrobe, but was trying to be frugal...and was only buying the jeans. I rifled through the clearance racks, and picked out some really cute things, all the while noticing (as only a mom can do), the glances coming our way. I attributed it to Capt Chaos and his chatter and giggles (the boy laughs at thoughts only he knows, constantly), and we went our merry way, with a pair of jeans in the cart, to the kids section to find a new pair of shoes for the boy to wear inside the house to keep his little piggy toes warm, and him from slipping on the hardwood at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Finding nothing, I made my way to the front of the store to pay for my jeans, cringing at the fact that I was spending $30 on a pair of jeans that would only be worn for 11 weeks...(I hate to pay full price for jeans, I think $30 is too much for a couple yards of denim, some rivets, a zipper, and thread, but I'm funny that way)

At the checkout area, only the express lanes and one other lane was open. The express lanes were 4 deep, so I went through the "normal" lane. The gal behind the counter said "OH! I'm so glad you came through my line!" Thinking how much I love the customer service at Target, I smiled, assuming she was just bored. We chatted for a bit and I threw the jeans onto the belt...and instead of ringing them up, she threw them into her return bucket. Puzzled, I looked at here, thinking, "hey crazy chick! Give me my pants!", but before I could say anything, she smiled even bigger, and said "Two women just came through here with these, and paid for them for you. There's a pair of these exact jeans in there, so enjoy, and they said to tell you how nice it was to meet a young woman who was so concerned about other people."

Now I ask you...without knowing the details of my finances, how can that be anything other than angels looking out for us? You might think that $30 is nothing, but I'll tell you, some months, that what puts food in our to have some total strangers buy me over $100 worth of clothes because I talked to them totally humbled me. I think I spent about 15 minutes in the parking lot, waiting for the tears of thankfulness to stop flowing enough that I could drive home.

I received, in my bag of blessing, 3 beautiful long-sleeved T-shirts - one red, one purple, and one fuschia; a pair of jeans; a pair of gloves, and a gorgeous raspberry corduroy car length jacket with a totally fun floral lining...and I can't wait to wear them!!!! I'm so excited, and still so humbled that someone would do this!

I seriously said that the color was beautiful, and how pretty it made her look. That is ALL...I swear! And for that, a sincere comment, I was blessed...


FarmWife said...

I teared up when I read this. That is so awesome!! I am so glad you were blessed by those women & I'm praying they will be blessed in return!

Anonymous said...

oh my stars..Wow!!! Hugs girl. That is so wonderful to hear. prayers and blessings going up.