October 22, 2007

Monday, Monday...

Some days, I hate, ABSOLUTELY HATE technology...I took the goofy personality test like 10 days ago, and finally was able to post the silly thing on my Blog today...


This morning is another beautiful fall day in the foothills! We awoke to a crisp, frosty morning with a temperature of 30 degrees. The grass and leaves were all shimmery with their frosty coating, and as the sun came up, everything looked as though it was glowing! Wow!

If I'd had the camera handy in my Monday morning stupor, I'd have taken some gorgeous shots of the landscape!

My maple tree is blazing red, our aspens are positively sunny, and we have some unknown-to-me bushes that are this amazing bright, cherry red...

Of course, with the frost, I have lost all my tomatoes, squash, peppers and herbs, BUT I can now harvest my carrots and radishes. I cannot wait to taste the yummy, sweet carrots from my garden!

Today is "stick around the house day". I'm doing laundry, and cleaning up my house after a weekend of Captain Chaos and BB here alone together...how one man, and one toddler can create so many dirty dishes that they don't put in the dishwasher is beyond me. And what was one doing in the bathtub of all places?!?!?!

Oh well, I'd rather have his messes to clean up, than know that he's off with people in places I'd rather he not be.

BB is a VERY good husband, and I don't mean to gripe and make him sound like a heel. There are just some days that my limit is reached and I need to vent.

He's a hard worker, dedicated to Capt Chaos and I, and I love him with everything I have to give him. I know that we have our differences (he's an ESTJ for example, while I'm not), but I know that I could search all over the world and not find someone better suited to me than he is.

And that's enough smooshy stuff for a Monday morning...I'm off to put on my face, and try to comb some sensibility into my mop of hair, make his lunch, and then roust my little Captain after his nap to take lunch to Daddy and some picture frames back to Target.

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