October 11, 2007

Back Among the Land of Free Internet Access!!

OK, OK...so I still have to pay for the Internet at my house, but its not on top of the outrageous prices hotels charge you to stay there...

That being said, we have made it safely home from California, where we had a mostly great visit with family.

BBs brother, CalCustom was cranky, and looking for us to bail him out financially again. It makes me sad that he thinks we are rolling in money, and can just write him a check for $50,000 to pay for something for the shop. On a high note, the new shop space is awesome, and I am praying that it's shiny clean exterior, and higher end other shops around will really draw in customers! Please be praying that the move will be done, and the shop set up for the Grand Opening Celebration on October 20!

PreacherMan and family were glad to see us. We actually tore my nephew (15) away from his computer. Seriously, I know he's my nephew, but that boy is a geek and so socially inept, I wonder that he doesn't get stuffed into his locker every day at school! We spent time with them, playing, talking, catching up, reminiscing (more on that in a separate post), eating, and generally having a good time. It was the 4th anniversary of their Church, and we got to celebrate with them. Very interesting to say the least.

Grandma & Grandpa (BMoms parents) were, as usual, tough to handle. Grandma's eyesight has gotten so badly that she decided to stop driving (praise God for small miracles!), so they are dependent upon taxis, buses, and the goodwill of their friends (who are all old too). She's a bit bitter about this. Grandpa has slipped further into the clutches of Alzheimer's Disease, and tends to wander in and out of some place where he thinks he makes sense, and where he is seeing furry creatures that climb the walls of their dreary apartment. It was tough to see this, and even tougher to see that when you were in a direct conversation with him, he was normal. We were made to feel belittled for several things from the past, and it grated on BBs nerves. The highlight of our visit there was that we crossed paths with BMoms younger sister and her husband! It was the first time I'd met them, as they were unable to make it to our wedding. It was a good visit, and we'll be in much better touch with them going forward!

And now, I'm sitting here, in my clean house (I'm so glad I got all that stuff done before we left on vacation!), with my 3rd load of laundry in the wash, 2nd in the dryer, and the 1st is folded and put away. Our housesitters were kind enough to vacuum the entire house for us. This was because they "played an awful lot with the animals, and left hair everywhere"...how sweet was that?!?!?! I literally have only got laundry to do!

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so glad you are back home safe and sound