October 04, 2007

After a Peaceful Day...

Well, BB has been at the California office of his company (I say that like he owns it or something) all day today, and Captain Chaos and I have been hanging out at the hotel all day long.

Now you might think "Woohoo! California! I'd be at the beach, or baking by the pool all day long!", but let me set you straight...the San Francisco Bay area is actually temperate. It is not the stereotypical California you see in the movies with palm trees and celebrities everywhere. In fact, it was cooler here today than it was at our house...by about 8 degrees. Of course, that's an anomaly for this time of year at our house too.

So, we roamed the hotel this morning after breakfast to get the lay of the land, then came back, and Captain Chaos cooperated nicely, and took an almost 3 hour nap! During this time, I sat in the darkened hotel room, played Tetris (I love that site!!!), and then snoozed myself. Upon waking, we went to lunch in the restaurant, shopped in the gift shop, and did a couple laps around the main common area of the hotel, and then decided to try swimming for a while. And by swimming I mean, hold Captain Chaos in the water and sort of swish him back and forth, varying between tummy and back...but hey, he's only 16 months old!

After 15 minutes in the outdoor pool, his lips were blue, and he was covered in goose bumps...poor little guy. So we wrapped up in towels, and sat in the sunshine warming up, and soaking up the extra water. We came back inside, got dressed again, and I let him roam the hotel room and play with his toys. It amazes me that he is perfectly happy to play with toys, and walk back and forth around the furniture, into the bathroom, and back a million times, and each time its fun for him!

After a failed nap, we attempted to go outside and walk around the hotel. Which we did. 4 times. He actually walked the whole distance. I was very impressed. We came back in, and while I was trying to pack up BB's week's worth of stuff, and the few things from myself and Captain Chaos, he was unpacking it just as quickly as I could put it in the suitcase! So, we abandoned that, and instead decided to go for a swim...in the tub! I filled the tub with nice warm water, and plopped him in it, and while he splashed and played for almost an hour (with a couple re-heats of water), I sat and watched him, drank some tea, ate a cinnamon roll, and read a couple chapters in my book.

After that was done, I let him wander around in his almost-favorite state of "no clothes please" (but included the diaper). He's currently dressed again, and wandering around, playing peek-a-boo from the other side of the desk.

We're simply waiting the arrival of BB (sometime within the next 2 1/2 hours) and watching college football on ESPN. I'm hoping to distract the munchkin with football so I can pack up.

Tomorrow, we let BB work a few hours, and then we pack up, and head south and west to Bakersfield to visit PreacherMan and his family. It should be a good weekend as it is the 4th anniversary of their Church Plant. Not sure how much posting I'll be able to do the rest of our time here, as Monday morning we pack up again, and had north to Fresno to visit BB's grandparents for a day and half. Then we head back to San Jose and come home Wednesday.

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