January 18, 2013

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Holy moly...I don't even know the date of my last post, and I won't look.

Suffice it to say that things are CRAZY around here...
Princess turned 5 Thursday, Captain started playing Upwords Basketball tonight, Littlest One is precocious, and kooky and I love them to pieces...

We did a marathon of 3 weeks of hard work installing sheetrock, taping and mudding joints, texturing, priming and painting walls, and having doors and carpet installed in a 250 sq ft section of our basement.  We have a teeny bit to do to truly be signed off on our building permit, but I FINALLY have my own space in this house!!!!

I know that sounds ridiculously selfish, but since we married and moved in, we've shared almost all the interior space of this home - I had, at one point, one of the secondary bedrooms for an office, but then we started having babies, and well, all 4 bedrooms are occupied.  I had a lovely large area in our basement for office, and then, well, the babies grew bigger and got more stuff, and took over a full third of the space, cramming me into a corner.

We'd originally proposed the new space to be my office, but I've since backed way off in my Mary Kay endeavors and am now focusing on building a Fitness/Health business, and will be using the new space for training clients!

I'm excited!  No toys allowed, no kids allowed...a brand spanking new tv/dvd player combo for me to watch workout dvds, my treadmill, the weigh bench, the heavy/speed bag...a place to store my weights, bands, jump ropes, fit balls, yoga mats...

I cannot wait to get everything in there and USE THE SPACE!!!!!

That said...things are better in relationship land...we're moving forward slowly, tiptoeing, walking gingerly to make sure we're on the same page, communicating better.

Inkling said it best in a recent post that the wife she wants to be is suddenly showing up more after some painful experiences.  I feel exactly the same way!

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