September 18, 2012

A Brief Inerlude

My catchy title is quite true...

We've been a bit busy at the castle of late...what with all the remodeling and painting, and more painting...and more to come...

BB is, quite simply (though he'll deny it 'til he's blue in the face), addicted to auctions.  He cannot stop buying things that he can bring back to furniture life and sell would be a fun thing for me if I wasn't the one who got stuck with the actual "finishing" portion...he does all the repair/replace on the pieces, sands them to prepare them for their new look, and then...and then!!!  I'm the one who gets the "So...when are you going to be able to paint/stain that (insert name of object here)?"

Yup, as if all my Wifely/Momly duties weren't enough to fill my days, I also get to be the official "Finisher" for his projects.

Our recent Utility Room remodel?  I was the one who primed and painted the cabinet, moldings, doors, walls, ceiling, and then painted all of the above.  Our Powder Room?  Same thing!  The awesome new pantry cabinet that BB built for me in the closet of my utility room?  Same thing!  A small-ish desk that he wanted to use for our children, but I drew the line because it doesn't fit ANYWHERE in our house, and I refuse to have a "communal" study space for my children?  SAME THING!  Even the pine cabinet that he's turning into a tool-storage locker for his workshop...yup, you guessed it!  I get to prime and paint it!

I don't mind, mostly, I actually adore painting...something about the way the paint glides onto the surfaces, even the smell of fresh paint, the sight of painters' tape, and brushes, rollers, pans, drop's something I know I control - My effort and attention to detail result in impeccable finishes that look pretty darn good...
I know, I'm a freak...but anyway...what was I saying?

Oh right!  Honestly, most of the time, I do enjoy the priming and painting.  It allows me creative outlet for pennies (ok, dollars) and if it turns out awfully?  Just paint over it and do it again!!!

However, this summer, somehow, in addition to the normal laundry, cook, clean, weed, harvest, iron list, I also added "fertilize/weed lawn, mow/trim lawn, medicate maple tree, haul children to baseball practice/games, make weekly visits to library, Church, swimming pool, grocery store, auction house", AND the addition of all the work of the remodeling/renovating...

I know it's good for me - the more I have on my plate, the more efficient I am.  I am truly a person who works best under a full load - it's why I always overloaded my school schedule during college - if I wasn't taking 21- 24 credit hours, I was wasting my time in the Student Union...If I knew I only had 8 hours a week to get my studying done, then I got it done and did an amazing job in 7 1/2 of those hours...

Case in point?  We are having our interior walls professionally painted in about 2 weeks.  As early as next Tuesday, actually...and to prepare for that, I must:

  • put away all fragile/delicate items
  • pack all books from bookcases
  • remove all artwork from walls
  • thoroughly dust and clean all nooks and crannies
  • patch any cracks
  • scrub all baseboard and trim moldings
  • scrub all doors
In addition to that list, I also have on my plate this week, while BB is away in California:
  • put all extraneous items from our remodeling away
  • sort, purge, and organize toys in playroom
  • sort, purge, pack, and put away summer clothing from kids
  • thoroughly clean house from top to bottom (my Fall Cleaning - Phase 1) with the exception of shampooing carpets (due to painting needing to be completed first)
  • download directions to the destination for our belated Anniversary getaway (one night in an amazing castle in Colorado Springs)
  • locate and download all information for restaurants, adventures, and our favorite coffee house for said getaway
  • pack for getaway
  • harvest all garden produce and preserve it, including, but not limited to making salsa
  • mow, trim, and weed yard
  • clean cat boxes
  • clean fridge
AND, of course, I must prime and paint said pine cabinet and desk...


SO, I'm treating myself to a brief respite from one of my 2 uninterrupted days this and Thursday, I have 7 hours with nowhere to go...I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, and a homemade pumpkin muffin and surfing the vastness of Pinterest, feeling smug that I'm less than halfway through my day, and more than halfway through today's list of things to do...

And before you worry about me, I've got a sitter coming Thursday night so I can get a hair cut, a mani/pedi and a massage (on BB's boss for being such a "trooper" under all the stress of his workload lately)...

And for now, I've got 2 hungry girls for which to make lunch.  Toodles!

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