June 26, 2012

Officially Summertime At Our House

Just in case you haven't heard (and maybe we're not making National News)...CO is on fire.  As of this morning, there are 6 active fires (not 100% contained, or under any sort of control really), burning a total of 150,000 acres.  There have also been 9 other fires already this year, for a grand total of over 250,000 acres of burn...we currently have over 3000 firefighters, and I don't even know how much air support...over 15,000 homes have been evacuated, hundreds of structures damaged...

But that's not how I really know summer is here...summer is here because I have officially set up and readied the "big" pool...it's not nearly the size of FarmWife's, but we only have a 1/3 acre City Lot...BUT, to my kidlets, our 8' diameter pool that is 3 feet deep is GINORMOUS...and it's currently warming up just a bit (I know, I know...) to take the edge off the hose water.

What with the weather predicted to be in the triple digits all week, with no break in sight, it'll be a comfortable soaking temperature in no time - warm enough to jump in, but cool enough to bring relief.

The other way I know it's summer around here?  I'm anxiously watching my tomatoes for tinges of red on the green...

And one final way?  I'd rather be shoeless.  At all times.  I don't care where I'm going, what I'm doing, who I'm with...I'd rather have bare feet than any sort of footwear.

Anyone know of places that allow the "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" rules to bend???  I'll still wear a shirt...promise!

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Penny said...

we are having triple digits here too..and most all of the state parks have banned campfires because of the lack of rain..hope the fires are still long way from you! enjoy the pool!!