February 22, 2012

A Bit of Sadness

I just found out my bestie got hired by Amazon and is moving to Seattle. Within 2 weeks.

I'm in that sort of stunned disbelief state. Not because I think they don't deserve the job or all the awesomeness that comes along with it. But because it means there won't be any surprise visits, no more Gin & Tonics or Guinness delivered to our tables at a restaurant because they told the staff what we look like and paid ahead for our drinks...sometimes weeks in advance...

No more hockey games to cheer for together, no more watching him skate - his lifelong dream - with a local competitive adult league, no more discussing music, random moments in life, or comic books.

I'm sad, but happy at the same time. He and his wife deserve all the best - they are those people that continually give of themselves with no thought of repayment of any sort. I've known him since I came home from the little college in the cornfield where I met FarmWife and Inkling.

And yes, Farmie, before you ask, he still holds a tiny little piece of my heart, and I suppose that's what causing my breath to catch. Knowing he and his Silver Cricket will be 1500 miles away from BB and I, knowing that I won't get to hold their babies, or laugh with them as we hang out and watch games, play games, listen to jazz, discuss politics or cinema, or any of those things.

I guess this is why growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be...

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