March 29, 2011


I'm truly enjoying my time away from Facebook - shhhhh, don't tell the guy that created it and just had a movie made about himself...he won't like knowing that we can survive without Social Networking...

Anyway, lest I be tried for treason in this age of Technological Leashes, let me assure you that I am not entering into an Amish phase in which I shall churn butter, spin my own yarn and thread, weave my own cloth and sew my own clothing, create my own dyes, make my own candles etc...

I am just enjoying time away from my screen. And that is more than the laptop screen! My DVR is stacking up with episodes of "The Tudors" from BBCA, my guilty pleasure of shows like "Secret Life of the American Teenager", "Make It or Break It", and my new sort-of-enjoyable-distraction of "Shedding for the Wedding" fact, I think we may have to have a marathon session tomorrow whilst I host several service providers at my home...that sounds quite enjoyable in fact...I think that is what I shall do.

Yup, it is decided.

Tomorrow's "TO DO" list is as follows:
  • do laundry and iron BB's work clothing
  • clean master bedroom
  • sit on my rear and watch about 9 hours of programming while someone comes to tell me all about garage doors, check my roof and certify it, and do a thermal scan on my house to tell me how much insulation is lacking and why I should buy their products and services.
  • eat a box of Thin Mint cookies*

*optional and not conducive to a slimmer waistline, smaller rear-end or clothing size. May also bring on craving for more Girl Scout cookies, chocolate chips, and Cadbury Creme Eggs. Enjoy at your own risk.

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