February 16, 2011

Grace in Small Things 02-15-2011

Another rough day, BUT, I was able to find this -

  1. My Daddy is the best ever. No matter how old I get, I will always be his little girl, and that's just fine with me.
  2. My folks stepped in yet again to assist me. This time it was more than just a social time, but a true need that they were able to fill for me. I love my family so much!
  3. An amazing doctor who treats me as an educated person, NOT a stupid woman because I choose to be a full-time parent.
  4. A good friend who opened their home for a fun play-date with her kids.
  5. Best. Ever. Sub Sandwich. Seriously. Made better by the fact that they messed something up on the kids' dinner and we ended up getting theirs for free. Woot.
Today was the anniversary of having to put our dog down. That made it tougher.

I'm going to bed now. I need to sleep and get up in the morning and work out.

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