January 02, 2011

Happy New Year

Guess I needed to wait until I was absolutely certain that it really was 2011...or something.

I had this list of things I want to accomplish in the coming year, but decided that was a lame post.

So instead, I'm sitting here in my PJs putting off getting showered and ready for Church wondering what to share with you all.

I don't want to be whiny or complaining...but BB is about to drive me insane.

He spent several hours sledding in the single-digit temps on Friday with the older kids. They were bundled up to the hilt in like 15 layers of clothing and outdoor gear, came in sweaty and rosy-cheeked. He went in his jeans, and several layers on the rest of his body, but couldn't get warm the rest of the day no matter the amount of cocoa and coffee and tea he drank. He is now proudly sporting a stuffed up head and a cough that sounds like a circus troop of trained seals...and therefore spent the ENTIRE DAY yesterday either asleep in his chair, or zoned out to BCS games.

I woke yesterday, oddly refreshed after an incredibly short night of sleep, and power-cleaned the house. Kid you not, between 8 and 11 I washed the floor, vacuumed the carpet, watched the Rose Parade on HGTV, made and cleaned up breakfast, ironed table linens for my dining room table, set the table, made gingerbread, cleaned my kitchen, dusted, fluffed pillows, folded 3 loads of laundry, did 3 more, and wrapped presents for my FIL's and Dad's upcoming birthdays, started the plans for Princess of Everything's 3rd birthday (GASP!), and....wait for it...gave myself a pedicure.

All this while Captain and Princess did puzzles and played games quietly (they are pooped from this holiday season), and Littlest One took turns being whiny, hungry, eating and sleeping.

Littlest One is battling what I hope to be the end of a double ear infection. She was responding quite nicely to her antibiotics when BB got the bright idea to have her start floating on her back in the pool at the resort in which our condo is. She got water in her ears, was out in cold temps with slightly wet head, and therefore, is now on a stronger and nastier antibiotic. She's doing better, and is only slightly whiny due to her insistence that she not eat pureed anything, but has only 7 1/2 teeth, of which 2 are on the bottom gum. She's cutting teeth, sporting the telltale signs any mother will share with you that doctors try to say mean nothing in relation to teething - runny nose, sore bum from tummy troubles, low fever...sigh...

I've got to figure out what in my house is causing Captain to sport a chronic deep, dry, barking cough...I've purchased a new synthetic pillow with a special cover for him, wash his bedding weekly, keep the cats out of his room, put cheesecloth over his forced air vent to minimize any allergens coming in. The furnace filter gets changed monthly, plus we have a special air cleaner that has this 6-inch thick special HEPA filter that gets changed quarterly. The cats' things have been moved as far away from the furnace intake as possible to minimize any of their dander, hair or litter dust getting into the system. I've had our vents and ducts cleaned 4 times since July 2010. I've insured that all the rooms in our house get vacuumed and dusted (with a damp rag, no chemicals or just pushing the fuzz around with a dry cloth) weekly, the upholstered furniture gets vacuumed 3 times a week since the cats lay on it, and that there are no leaks or mold problems in our basement. I think our unfinished basement must be the cleanest concrete room in the world.

The only thing I can think of is that there is something in the builders' insulation that still lines 95% of the basement walls, OR, that he's allergic to the cats.

He has no itchy eyes, no congestion, no rashes...just that cough, and it is only when we're home. We were gone for 6 days from our house and the cough was GONE after he woke up the first full day we were there. The first full day we were back (Christmas morning), he was back to barking and hacking...

BB thinks I'm nuts.

Well...I've wasted far too much time being not whiny...ha! So, I'm off to shower and get dressed and wake up the kids to get them dressed and polished and fed and off to Church while BB sleeps in and gets better.

He's traveling to India and China in February and has an appointment for lots of nasty vaccines and medications to keep him healthy from gross diseases like Malaria on the 10th, so he needs to be over this nasty yuck, and have his immune system strong.

I'm nervous about his going...I'll be a single parent for 3 weeks in what is normally a nasty weather month, and the thought of him getting some nasty disease that could kill him, let alone the unrest in the areas he's visiting for work scare me silly. The only consolation I have is that his employer has an increased pay-out on his insurance if he's on a business trip when he expires. And what good is money when you lose your soul mate and God's chosen partner for your life??????

Well, now I really must go.

I promise my next post will be more uplifting and less venting!

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