December 15, 2009

Looky There!

  • Well, I must admit a bit of pride in myself and my accomplishments yesterday.

I, single-handedly, while at times fending off a preschooler and a toddler simultaneously:
  • changed 3 beds, including washing, drying, folding and putting away of previous bedding
  • washed, dried, folded, put away or packed 6 loads of laundry (and really, where did it all come from? I just did laundry on FRIDAY!!!)
  • scrubbed from top to bottom 3 bathrooms
  • changed cat boxes (wearing a respirator and gloves) and refilled with fresh litter
  • emptied 10 trash cans and gathered a 40-gallon bag of recycling (we recycle everything we're allowed to at our house!)
  • vacuumed every inch of carpet, upholstery and pillow in the house
  • dusted every stick of furniture, and all the knick-knacks which decorate them
  • washed the inside of every upstairs window pane, cleaned every light fixture and baseboard molding
  • made a batch of super-delicious fudge to give to our neighbors
  • wrote out the cards to accompany said gifts (sorry for those of you expecting cards, I had to draw the line somewhere!!!)
  • ironed BB's work shirts so they are clean and ready to go when we get home
  • packed 2 suitcases full of clothes, and one "doctor's bag" of unwrapped gifts, pull-ups and toiletries
  • gathered and charged all electronic devices that will be accompanying us (digital camera, camcorder, cell phones, headsets, and mP3 player
  • gathered and checked all travel games to allow BB, the kids and I quality time arguing over who's cheating at Trouble or Yahtzee...
  • disinfected the animals food dishes and bought more food to insure our animals will be overfed while we're away
  • made dinner
  • washed the dishes
  • watched via Hulu the December 4 episodes of Dollhouse (and how can you not love Eliza Dushku in that show?!??!?!!?)
So far this morning, all I have left to do is:
  • wash my hardwood and vinyl floors (which I'll do after lunch, so we only have dinner detritus to clean up)
  • pack the diaper bag and my carry-on
  • visit our local butcher to purchase 2 rolls of Taylor's Ham (aka Taylor Pork Roll) for MIL and BIL's Christmas gift
  • toss into the gift bag the gifts for niece and nephew and SIL
  • take BB lunch
  • visit with my folks
  • re-heat leftovers for supper tonight
  • run the dishwasher (after dinner, so I can unload it before bed, we'll eat on the road in the AM)

I have never been done with everything major on my list a full day before leaving home for a trip of any sort...usually there is something that remains to do and it results in BB and I being up until midnight, knowing that we must awaken and be out of our house at 6am...resulting in arguing over stupid things because we are frustrated, tired and flat-out stressed out.

I pulled cash on Friday. BB filled up the truck Sunday. He got the oil changed in the car we're loaning the folks yesterday and is having some work done on the tires this morning (pray they can patch them to get us through til April!!!!!). I've got one call to make about our toll transponder (God forbid they let us pay with cash at a booth somewhere). BB is in charge of his own carry-on, and I'll gather his newest magazines and book or 2 for him throw in there, but mostly, he carries around 5 pounds things he never looks at while we're there...sooooo...that's up to him.

My biggest dilemma today? What book do I pack in my carry-on?


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Anonymous said...

Hey babe..Have a safe and loved Christmas and New Years.