October 28, 2009

Deep Thoughts for a Snowy Day

Well, as the snow keeps on falling and falling and BB has meetings until later this evening (pray his co-workers overseas will be willing to cancel so he can come home!), I have been watching Disney movies, eating "nacks!" as Tiny Princess fondly refers to anything she eats that isn't served at the table, and surfing the great Interwebs...

I popped on over my friend's blog, and she poses a deep question. Without divulging her details, she is basically asking: Do we, as Christians, tithe to our home Church (the one in which our membership resides), the Church we grew up in, or to various ministries and organizations in and around our world?

I started thinking about this, looked some things up, poked around my Bible and came up with this:

There are many places in the Old Testament which state that the Israelites were required to give 10% to the Levites, in addition to the various offerings and sacrifices for guilt, sin and the like. There are places in the New Testament which refer to these references in the Law and use illustrations of the Patriarchs.

There are the words of Jesus where He says we are to "give to Ceasar what is Ceasar's, to God what is God's", and that He came to fulfill all the Law and the Prophets.

Here's where it gets sticky: there is a reference of us not being under the Law because of Jesus and His death, burial and resurrection.

Some contend that this means we aren't required to give at all, while others contend that this just means that we're not under the Law concerning our behavior, and that once we claim Christ's Lordship and commit our lives to Him, we're free from separation, and will go to Heaven.

I thought about it a bit, and wonder...when Jesus said He came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets, did that just refer to the part about saving us from death, or did He truly mean ALL the Law and Prophets? That He is King of King, and all the rules and regulations to keep us in God's good graces are truly gone by the wayside? Are we still required to pay the priests in the same way the tribes of Israel were required to pay the Levites for their services in the Temple?

It's a deep question, and I'm curious what you might think and believe?

I know that my brothers Missionary Man and Preacher Man would likely say "Of course you give 10%, and of course it is to your Church"...but I wonder...is there some Scripture I'm missing that says that we follow the Law of the Pentateuch, and if so, shouldn't we follow all the Law?

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