August 11, 2009


I just chatted for awhile with a friend from college. I was a little shocked to hear some of the things they confessed to me about their life in the years in which we weren't in contact.

It makes me sad to know that this person went through such a journey, albeit by their own choices, and went through such crap.

I admit to being very attracted to this person (and before anyone asks, it was NOT someone from my time in the Land of Lincoln) during our friendship, and at times entertained the thought of abandoning my values to embrace a realtionship with him. I wonder what might have been sometimes, where I might be, who I might be, if I had indeed let go of what I believed to be with this man.

Things would definitely be different, I would most likely not be at home with my 2 amazing children, and would certainly not be married to my fabulous husband...

All in all, I know that I made the right decisions, but "what might have been" are sometimes the worst words in the English language to utter...

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