July 13, 2009


ICK! This is the part of summer that, unfortunately, does get to me...it is going to be in the upper 90's all week long. That is not the bad part. I can handle the heat. If the humidity stays below 15% (as it normally does in Colorado). Once that humidity crosses over the 20% mark, I'm done.

It just weighs on me...which is why I would not do so well living in, oh, say, southern Florida. In fact...just the idea of visiting Disney World in July makes me want to curl up on the air vent while I blast the cold air...at around 50 degrees!

It has been so muggy the last weeks...there is no other way to describe it...the moisture in the air just clings to your skin, your hair, your carpet...my towels, which I just took out of the dryer and placed in the kids' bathroom feel damp...my hair is going crazy, Tiny Princess has these little ringlets along the back of her head that are adorable, but mine is like I stuck my finger in a socket, and then dipped it into a FryDaddy...OY!

In other news...our camping trip totally rocked! It was so much fun!!! We worked our fannies off, but it was totally awesome.

So much so, in fact, that we are following through with our 2-night trip this weekend! I'm so excited...the kids were so much fun, and it should be a really good time.

The only potential issue is naptime during the morning...I think I can get Tiny Princess to sleep with no issues, but Capt and BB will have to do something for those 2 hours away from the camper...the afternoon is not such an issue, as BB and I can hang out outdoors, or in the living area and play cards...OR...we can nap too! I'm already planning ahead and cooking the meat for dinners on Thursday so we just have to reheat them. The side dishes are going to be simple, like potato salad, green salad, fresh veggies...and lots of fresh fruit and rolls...things that don't necessarily have to live in our refrigerator, so we can maximize our time together...and not have to worry about dragging out the grill or cooking and heating up the inside of the trailer.

I'm stoked!!!


FarmWife said...

That's wonderful! I'm so gald you all had a good time & have plans for more! May this be a wonderful tradition for years to come.

Inkling said...

I nearly choked when you talked about 15% humidity. I don't think I've ever lived in a place that had that low of a percentage. It would probably feel like a desert to me. Geez. Sounds like a dream.

However, we had a recent break in our crazy hot weather (no one here has a/c, so it's miserable when it gets over 80). How about I send you some cool weather if you will let the cat out of the bag? =) Just kidding.

Well, My son just puked on the play rug, and I better go. Can't wait to hear your news or un-news, whatever the case may be. I figure you'll let us know in 12 weeks or so.

Penny said...

My hubby and I have just started camping and we LOVE it!! we are using a tent and we are having so much fun...We both used to camp with our families as kids and have great memories. I am sure you and BB will make those same kind of memories with your young ones! Have fun!

FarmWife said...

Have to say, I agree with Inkling about the 15% humidity thing. This summer has been blessedly cool, but I'm pretty used to 90 degrees & 80% humidity. It's a fun way to sweat through the summer. :)