April 17, 2008

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

While I realize that yesterday's post was a bit maudlin, and I apologize for bringing anyone down with it, I do not apologize for posting it.

And since yesterday was the serious post about my friend, today should be the fun one...this is how I grieve...been there, done that...need to remember the fun stuff, and I'll get through this in my way.

SO -

I remember being sent, through the network at the office, a timed "Banana Phone" message...every 15 seconds a window would pop-up and my computer would happily sing to me "Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring banana phone!"

G.I. Joe Public Service Announcements.

Secret Code Names for everyone under the sun so we could talk about people and they wouldn't know it. So, 8%, if you're reading this...I still love you and hope you've figured out how percentile scales work...

Napoleon Dynamite quotes for every situation.
Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy.


"I know you are but what am I?"

"Avs suck." "What? No way dude...Stars suck, and now that you live in Colorado, you should know that."

Mickey's Budweiser Mango Martinis Electric Lemonade Red Bull-Vodka

2-stepping to anything that was on the radio

"Get Low"

Home-made business cards with "MF"...and knowing that it was his sick version of a compliment to his wife.
Team Kawasaki green
Stars & Stripes forever

Dude! You will be missed sorely.

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