April 10, 2008

Rambling...and a Bit of Bragging

Mostly nothing today, except that it snowed. Again. Wet stuff...that's gone now, but it's been gray and yucky all day and is fixin' to snow again tonight. Yes, I said "fixin'". Get over it.

I've worked out every day this week. Go me. I fell back into my routine over the last days prior to this week, and so was happy to get some inspiration from a good friend of mine on Tuesday. Read that post if you've a mind to.

That's bragging #1.

Bragging #2 is revolving around the kiddos...

Tiny Princess is cooing, gurgling and I swear chuckling up a storm. I know they say girls talk earlier than boys, but do they really start laughing earlier? And she almost rolled from her back to her tummy today in the crib while I was changing her. (Too cold on the table, which is under her window) She is holding her head up for almost 2 minutes at a time, and LOVES tummy time. She is no longer lifting her posterior into the air, but is lifting her head and shoulder up quite nicely with her arms nicely tucked under her...and she moves her arms there of her own accord. She is kicking and hitting the animals on her activity gym.

Captain Chaos is walking all around the house singing. Now, he is not singing with words that you can clearly comprehend, BUT he is singing Old MacDonald, complete with the E-I-E-I-O and animal sounds. He also sings the alphabet, and while he may add a few repetitions of his favorite letters (such as Q and W), I don't know many other kids his age that are actually SINGING, on key, in tune, the actual songs...we're working on Jesus Loves Me, and The B-I-B-L-E. I love my Sunday School CDs from WEE SING.

In addition to singing and adding words at a crazy rapid pace, he also said "pee pee" and ran into the bathroom to sit on his potty. He actually sat there today without his pants or diaper. A big first in our house, and I hope and pray the actual first step to potty training!

Other than that...I did some laundry...that's about as exciting as it gets...ugh, I hate days like this...

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Anonymous said...

yeah girl..so proud of you..and brag away!!!